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We would like to offer you the opportunity to host your own Infomercial Pet Podcast!

Host your own infomercial pet podcast

That’s right!  For one low price you get a 30 minute
audio podcast hosted by either yourself or one of our
Pet Life Radio show hosts, featuring your product,
business or service!  Speak alone or interview guests.

Nobody knows your product better than you! 

Here’s your chance to tell the world about it!



· A 30 minute podcast fully recorded, edited and produced with music intro and out , featuring everything about your business. If your company has a commercial jingle, we can include that. If your company needs a commercial jingle, our award-winning writers and producers can write & produce one for you (*additional cost applies to jingle writing).

· The podcast will be broadcast on Pet Life Radio, the #1 pet
radio network
, archived forever on the website,
and available to millions of listeners worldwide!

· Your podcast will also be immediately available via RSS feed
around the globe in iTunes as well as these podcast distributors:
Podcast Alley, Odeo, Pod-planet, Pod Nova, Podcast Pickle,
Podcasting Station, Podanza,, Pod Lounge,,,,,,, Widgetbox, blubrry, , Netvibes Ecosystem, AllPodcasts, Plazoo,
Digital Podcasts, PodBlaze, GetAPodcast, and cellphones through
Foneshow,, & Melodeo.

· You’ll receive a featured information page on the website where your podcast will be available to
listen to and download. You can also provide us with product
information, photos, videos, logos, links and anything else
you would like the public to see.

· You can download your podcast or link to it to make it available
on your own company website. You can use it in your own
promotional materials, mailers, etc.

· We’ll send out an e-press release announcing the release of
your podcast. We will also promote it on our Facebook & Twitter.

The Complete Package

(hosting the podcast yourself)

(hosted by a Pet Life Radio show host)


Reserve Your Recording Time Today!

Reserve your recording time today and start promoting
your business on Pet Life Radio, the #1 Pet Podcast
Radio Network!

Contact us at: for more information

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