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The Animal Party starts with a bit of water-bowl talk covering the most explosive animal related news highlights and issues. Deborah gives her opinion along with the facts and stats you want to know to make up your own mind. Do you believe in allowing cats outdoors? What about removing their claws?  Do pets make kids’ allergies worse?  Have you ever thought about pit bulls?  Get the facts and you’ll understand exactly why pit bulls have such a bad reputation and decide for yourself if banning breeds will solve the problem of dangerous dogs in your neighborhood. 

Topics covered include dog and cat news but go wherever animals and the people who love them go; Bears, fish, farm animals, pets of all sorts, exotics and environmental conservation issues are part of the show when they are part of the news.   Every week Deborah invites an animal friend to join the party and that means you get to hear the best experts from the animal world chatting and sharing. Host Deborah Wolfe keeps you informed and educated as she amuses you with upbeat stories from her own dog & cat training and touring experience and she gets the most out of her guests.   

Listen and laugh as she gets a breeder to describe exactly how the match is made when the intended partners are less than willing, too eager or just clumsy!  Whether it’s a stuffy professor or a dog training guru she gets them to share their most personal animal stories and insights and take a stand on controversial topics. Do you want to know how cats & dogs think and why they do what they do?  Deborah will fill you in as she entertains you with animal jokes, haikus, riddles and trivia plus interviews  with experts from all over the Animal World.   

Before the show ends Deborah will share her Animal Inbox and answer email pet behavior questions you send. Does your dog ignore you when you call? Does your cat ignore the litter box?  Maybe your dog or cat hates your new husband?  Get your pet problems solved on-air.  Each show Deborah will give you her picks for favorite animal websites and then end the show with some homework your pets will love. Test your own cat or dog to see if he’s dumb or smart; learn how to say ‘hello’ to every dog and cat you meet, cook for your pets with ingredients you already have  or  plant a garden that will repel or attract cats or learn some party tricks to teach your dog or even your cat! 

This party is fun and you go home with a party favor and some animal facts and jokes to share at the office and at home with animal lovers of all ages. 


Episode 84 -

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Episode 83 - Cat Scene Investigator

Dusty Rainbolt, author of ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’ (& many others) discusses her  new book ‘Cat Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litterbox Mysteries’ and takes questions from host Deborah Wolfe about various cat behavior topics.  Dusty gives practical solutions to bullying, and cats who seem to hate being touched sometimes not at first but soon after purring they are lashing out.  If you think your cat likes to be hugged or likes rough affection you are probably mistaken. Discussing several scenarios of multi-cat politics Deborah asks Dusty ; ‘Is hierarchy unavoidable’. The answer is yes. But hierarchy with cats isn’t always as it is with humans or dogs. They have time share, and other values that makes their hierarchy situational depending on a few factor Dusty discusses.  In  the news,  Air Canada has changed policy to prohibit pushed-in faced dogs from flying. Deb and Dusty discuss why this may not be a bad thing.  Dusty recommends the Sentry Good Cat Calming Collar for ‘Tiger’ the timid and Deb promises to get it , try it, and report back. 

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Episode 82 - K-9 Guard Protective Dog Jackets

K-9 Guard Protective Dog Jackets are made waterproof, washable and with Kevlar bite and stab proof inserts to keep your dog safe from dog or wildlife attacks.

Deborah interviews Allison Arnould about the Dog jackets and gives examples of real life attack situations the dog jackets would prevent. Do you take your dog to the dog park? Walk through new places? Take your dog walking  by aggressive dogs? Are there coyotes or eagles or any other wildlife threats in your part of the world? Is your dog a screamer or shrieker (cry baby) or a puppy or a dog with bad dog-dog manners? Is your dog an intact male? All of these factors make your dog an unexpected target for possible injury or worse.  Check out these jackets, and keep your dog having fun safely.

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Episode 81 - Dog Psychology Compared to Human Children

Deborah asks Dr. Stanley Coren to explain how dogs are equal to a 2-3 year old child and challenges him with examples that seem to show advanced abilities like the puppy who saved a building from fire and the golden retriever who kept his owner safe and warm in the cold last week in the news.  Empathy and altruism are part of the dog and 2-3 year old makeup explains the Professor.  We know that dogs work better for rewards when given intermittently but  why  does rewarding dogs (and humans) only sometimes work better than when rewards are given every time?  

The difference between your dog and the smartest dogs is a combination of genetics and upbringing and breed ;  Dr. Coren spells out the difference between dogs of ‘super’ intelligence and those more average. Does your dog seem to experience shame or pride? How about guilt? Listen to this show to find out if that’s true. 

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Episode 80 - Pitbulls & Dangerous Dog Breed Bans & Safety - Part 2

Three brutal attacks on elderly couples near Vancouver by pit bulls sparks breed ban demands while in Montreal the SPCA got an injunction to stop a breed ban and the Province of Ontario has one in place.  Many American cities and entire European countries have passed breed bans against pit bulls and sometimes other breeds too like Rottweilers,  but do they work? Are pit bulls that different from other dogs? They are over represented in fatal bite statistics but is that stat relevant to the mutt you might meet at the dog park who looks  like a pit bull? Deborah asks Stan these questions and points out that she’s experienced other breeds that more dangerous and  met many pit bulls and pit bull crosses who are lovely.  Dr. Stanley Coren explains the truth about pit bulls, Staffies, Rotties, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Jack Russels,  behind the stats and stories and gives you solid advice for you and your kids on how  to avoid being a bite victim.  Is your dog kinda strange? Does he or she do something odd or weird? If you have any ‘why’ type questions about the behavior of your dog please send  them to me and I’ll ask Dr. Stanley Coren your questions next time we are on-air.

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Episode 79 - Pitbulls & Dangerous Dog Breed Bans & Safety - Part 1

Three brutal attacks on elderly couples near Vancouver by pit bulls sparks breed ban demands while in Montreal the SPCA got an injunction to stop a breed ban and the Province of Ontario has one in place.  Many American cities and entire European countries have passed breed bans against pit bulls and sometimes other breeds too like Rottweilers,  but do they work? Are pit bulls that different from other dogs? They are over represented in fatal bite statistics but is that stat relevant to the mutt you might meet at the dog park who looks  like a pit bull? Deborah asks Stan these questions and points out that she’s experienced other breeds that more dangerous and  met many pit bulls and pit bull crosses who are lovely.  Dr. Stanley Coren explains the truth about pit bulls, Staffies, Rotties, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Jack Russels,  behind the stats and stories and gives you solid advice for you and your kids on how  to avoid being a bite victim.  Is your dog kinda strange? Does he or she do something odd or weird? If you have any ‘why’ type questions about the behavior of your dog please send  them to me and I’ll ask Dr. Stanley Coren your questions next time we are on-air..

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Episode 78 - To Buy or Not to Buy

Deb and Stacy Mantle  from www.petsweekly.com talk about what to buy and what not to buy for the pet lovers and pets on your Holiday list.

Deborah tells you what she really thinks about puppy pee pads and Stacy delivers a thrashing review of a pet pee siren product that would freak out even the calmest dog.  Plus they tell you about an indestructible ball that actually seals the tooth holes your dog makes! 

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Episode 77 - Cat Body Language

Dusty Rainbolt, author of Deborah Wolfe’s favorite cat training book ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’  & others,  joins Deborah to discuss the differences between dogs and cats and their body language. Can you tell the bully from the victim in a dog or cat quarrel?  A cat lying on its back or offering its belly may attack seconds later while a dog doing the same is totally relaxed.  Sometimes their body language is the same but sometimes each species is  very different.  Does a wagging tail always mean happy pet?

Listen to this show if you want to understand dogs and cats body language better so you can read animals you don’t know, but also so you can read your own pets’ body language. 

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Episode 76 - Dog Body Language

Deborah Wolfe interviews Mary Margaret Callahan about Pet Partners and the great course they are offering on dog body language. Do you wish you could read dogs better? Wish you could know what your own dog truly wants or read the situations at the dog park earlier?  Are some dog breeds easier to read than others? If you think  a wagging tail always means happy dog then you need the course! Plus while learning to read dog body language you'll be helping to raise  money  to fund  animal visits for people in need.  The course itself was originally designed for those handling animals who visit hospitals and now its available to you at www.petpartners.org.  Deborah chats with Mary Margaret about the many body signs you will learn to read by taking the course and the impact learning to read dog body language will have on your own dogs and your interactions with all dogs.

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Episode 75 - Discover Clever New Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

Stacy Mantle editor of petsweekly.com joins Deborah to discuss the best things to buy for pets this holiday season.  Deb Wolfe throws in holiday pet safety tips and both women talk about their pets and how the products held up when tested by their own cats and dogs.  Stacy talks about the launch of petsgeekly.com where you can get tech products like cameras that let you keep an eye on Rover when you are at work.  Both ladies are self confessed tech dummies so if they can figure out how to set up and use a product-  you can too!  As usual they only recommend good products which they have actually tried and tested. 

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Episode 74 - Therapeutic Riding - How it Works

Deborah  Wolfe interviewed Sharolyn Wandzura from the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association about therapy work they do with riders and horses.  You can find out more about the type of horses, the volunteer program or the riders at their website.  Deborah asked Sharolyn why a gigantic 1,000 lb horse would be terrified of a plastic bag.  Later in the show Sharolyn explains how the horses are selected, trained, and how the program works for those who may need wheelchair access or may have behavioral traits that would frighten most horses.

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Episode 73 - Pilots N Paws

Deborah Wolfe interviews Kate Quinn  about Pilots volunteering to fly homeless rescue animals to families who want them.

Sometimes there is a crushing pet population problem which seems unsolvable yet has a common sense solution like sometimes there are homeless animals in one place and homes for them in another far away place and the animals suffer or get euthanized while families that want them go without.  Then along came Pilots N Paws and the idea that a pilot flying somewhere for business or pleasure with some space in the plane could take the dog or cat from where it is unwanted in a shelter situation to a home that is ready and waiting using a network of volunteer drivers and  short stay layover foster homes and pilots to get the trip done.

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Episode 72 - Your Top Three Dog Problems Solved by Darlene & Deb

Darlene Arden author of 'Rover, Get Off Her Leg' & 'Small Dogs Big Hearts' joins Deborah Wolfe, Author of 'Good Dog!; Positive Dog Training Techniques'  to discuss the top three dog problems; Come, Heel, and Jumping Up. You get two takes on these problems from two trainers who agree and differ so the advice is simple and comprehensive.  Deborah asks 'Would you live in a building where you had to test your dog's DNA for poop identification purposes'?  Dog poop news from Canada that maybe where your strata is headed.  For more dog training tips including the invisible-dog  games and tricks described by Deborah check out www.deborahwolfeonline.com 

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Episode 71 - Your Top Three Cat Problems Solved by Darlene & Deb

Darlene Arden author of The Complete Cat's Meow joins Deborah  Wolfe to discuss the 3 most common cat issues and also answer a cat question about littermate kittens and their very different personalities.  Have you got a cat who won't use the litter box, ignores you or attacks you or your furniture?  Listen to this show and have your cat behaving peacefully and lovingly in no time.

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Episode 70 - Small Dogs Big Hearts

Deborah Wolfe talks with Darlene Arden, Author of 'Small Dogs Big Hearts' & many others about social media and the pet world. What to use, what not to use and how to steer clear of some common mistakes.  As usual these two pet experts ended up talking cats and dogs including advice on how to properly walk a small dog when a big, perhaps threatening, dog approaches.

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Episode 69 - Look Into Your Dog's Eyes and Feel Good!

Get the Oxytocin flowing with dog-human eye contact and you and your dog will feel great.

Look into your dog's eyes briefly to get the love chemicals flowing explains Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at UBC, author of many books including 'Do Dogs Dream' & 'Wisdom of Dogs'.  The latest results from the Japanese studies started twenty years back show that not only does the human get a shot of all natural feel good chemicals, the dog does too when they briefly look into each others' eyes.

If you like this show please check out previous shows with Deb Wolfe interviewing Professor Dr. Stan Coren, author of 'Intelligence of Dogs'( & many others) on a variety of news and dog and human psychology topics at episodes 3, 4, 40, 41, 65.

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Episode 68 - Dog Politics

'Bring your Friends, your dogs, your guitars, Drums.... to the Rally at Vancouver City Hall'  reads the Facebook notice telling people to get out and bark for change.  Pete Fry (from the Green Party, running for election next weekend, in Vancouver, B.C. Canada) joins us to talk about a rally to strengthen the local laws so that tied up dogs are no longer permitted.  Deborah and Pete discuss when tying a dog is okay or even advisable and when its cruelty and how the laws must change. Other topics included  park use, and dog owners vs. non dog owners conflicts plus how mental illness can factor into cruelty against animals.

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Episode 67 - Teach Your Dog to Find by Scent

Find your keys, your cell phone, maybe even your missing cat.  Deb and Sue discuss how to train dogs to find things and people and how they do this kind of work. Author of 'Scenting on the Wind',  Susan Bulanda offers concrete tips on how long to train, how to start, steps for teaching the find and flag sequence to many different types of dogs. She explains why dogs need work and Deborah helps adapt her advice to your living room and park so you can get some fun happening with searching and also have your dog actually assist you with things you lose. 

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Episode 66 - Dog Mud Baths, Dogs Driving Cars and Urine Extractors... Wait What?

Deborah Wolfe talks with Stacy Mantle from petsweekly.com about stuff for pets including mud baths for pampered pooches, Earth Balance's new urine extractor cleaner, and a training trick treat device that Dr. Ian Dunbar helped create so it is  control, and reward based and effective like Dr. Dunbar's methods.  In the Dr. Ian Dunbar vs Caesar Milan debate Deborah picks Dunbar and she explains why.  Stacy calling in from Arizona, shares her hot weather tips, and Deb talks of surprising pet news like the dogs who drive cars in Australia.

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Episode 65 - Autistic Kids and Dogs: What's Really Going On

Deborah interviews her good friend  Dr. Stanley Coren, P.H.D. Psychology, Author of 'the Intelligence of Dogs' & many other bestselling dog books about the strange and empowering connection between service dogs and children on the autistic spectrum highlighting some of the difficulties for families with multiple kids or dogs and the solutions to making this work for everyone.  How do you pick a puppy when its for your special needs kid?  Find out and dispel some widespread myths you might mistakenly be holding onto with some truth and fact from Dr. Coren. who is both an expert on mental health in humans and and expert of the mind of the spectacular creature we call dog. 

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Episode 64 - Grrrreat Gifts for the Holidays!

Stacy Mantle, Editor of www.petsweekly.com joins Deborah Wolfe to talk about the best gifts for pets and pet loving people this year.  Deb adds holiday pet safety tips for the cold and for gifting, decorating, dress up and tells you how to give tempting treats without giving too much.  Plus you will hear a couple of Deb's  homemade tricks for mattes and cat brushing. Stacy tells you about interesting gifts from $10. to $50. to get those pet lovers' and their pets off your lists early or finish up with some belated Chanukah gifts.  All of Stacy's suggestions are products she's tried that work well with her dogs and cats.  Look for a future show about products that bombed the pets weekly product test and bombed at Deb's Camp Good Dog, dog kennel too. 

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Episode 63 - Deborah Wolfe Solo Talking Cat Talk

Deb shares facts about cats and cat training and how they think and act.  Find out how to get an aloof or shy cat to be more cuddly.  Learn how you can tell which cat is the bully and which the victim.  And Deb tells you which four cat books are her all-time favorites.  Litter box, and training tips are woven in with stories, facts and news and it’s all cat centered cat talk.  Ciao Meow !

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Episode 62 - Deborah Wolfe Dog Talk

Deborah Wolfe goes solo today telling dog stories, but first she contrasts a good owner making travel plans for a puppy with Justin Bieber and his monkey meltdown. Training tips to stop your dog from pulling you to the park, get your dog to want to listen to you, and stop piddling little rescue dogs and dogs are woven into the conversation as Deb covers many different breeds and talks about the dogs she's met at Camp Good Dog and on the bad dog tour plus her own five dogs and how their pack works.  Why you may not want to travel with your dog and Deb says never take your dog to fireworks. Find out why and get Deb's list of pet friendly leftovers, remedies for bee sting and mattes, and chew toys; home remedies from your freezer or pantry.

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Episode 61 - Double Dog Talk

Two experienced Cat & Dog Trainers, your host, author Deborah Wolfe and guest Darlene Arden, author of many pet books including 'small dogs big hearts' joins Deborah to give you two takes on dog training issues and problems with some cat advice thrown in too of course. In between stories and facts and training tips we managed to help out Maureen from Success Dog Grooming, with her little dog problem; a bichon/shitzu cross that pees and poops everywhere. A three time abandoned little five year old dog who just isn't responding to the normal methods Maureen has used to train many dogs successfully in the past.  Can all dogs be house trained? Tune in and find out.

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Episode 60 - Lost Pets of the Holocaust

What happened to Pets in the Holocaust?  Sue Bulanda, Author of Faithful Friends joins Deborah to discuss the Holocaust and what happened to the pets separated from their Jewish families. Deborah and Sue discuss that war and events now and delve into issues relating to extreme kindness and hardship in the worst of times.  Sue promised to join us in future to talk about scenting dogs and how they do the work they do, but also gave her opinion on breed bans and pit bulls.  Check out the show to  hear what this world famous expert dog scenting trainer says about pitties.   If you have any stories or even a snippet of a story about a pet who was lost in the upheaval surrounding WWII please contact sbulanda@gmail.com 

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Episode 59 - Aware Guatemala Trips and Rescue

Angela Kerslake joins Deb Wolfe to discuss trips and fundraisers for a Guatemalan Animal shelter. Do you want to make a difference for animals or have an exotic vacation or maybe both? 

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Episode 58 - Big Dogs, Toy Dogs, Cats and Beavers

Deborah Wolfe talks about big dogs, toy dogs, cats, beavers and wolf-crosses. When is it good if a dog disobeys your command? Plus some Cat Haiku poems; these are cute and funny, plus training tips and advice along the way as she tells animal stories and discusses the animal news. 

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Episode 57 - Homeopathy Debunked by the AVMA

Dr. Carol Osbourne talks about what works with homeopathy and pets and when she prescribes it.   

The fact that vaccines based on the same concept are still given legitimacy is a troubling sign that this recent decision will not benefit pet health overall. If vaccines work and anecdotally other homeopathic remedies work and there are studies to prove so than it seems not right that the AVMA (and other Vet Associations around the world including Canada , Europe, England and Australia) are reviewing the status of homeopathic remedies though not vaccines.  Plus what changes in behavior can mean, both good and bad when your pet suddenly is different.  Dr. Carol explains how to properly bathe  and groom your pet.  Check out Camp Good Dog on facebook to see very cute blonde and red puppies playing with GoDogs Zombie toys in snow.

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Episode 56 - Pets on Pot

Dr. Carol Osborne talks about pot and pets; Marijuana for pets with arthritis, and other painful conditions. Deborah points out that President Obama and PM Harper are making huge recent changes to legislation for humans using legal or decriminalized marijuana and the two men and two countries are going in different directions with Canada taking a surprising turn recently.  Dr. Carol tells why you may not want to spay or neuter your pet, plus gives you an easy formula for making your own cat or dog food, treats and chew toys out of leftovers.   

Cheap, simple, healthy, and they will love it. Got a crock pot? then it's minutes of work and low cost.  If you have some extra yogurt feed it to fido or kitty says Dr. Carol.  Seriously simple recipes and cooking tips.  Deborah throws in some pet news items including the pet monkey rescued from an Ikea parking lot and Dr. Carol tells why wild animal babies make bad pets. Plus holiday safety tips and choices from Dr. Carol and Deb Wolfe to keep your family and pets safe.  Happy Holidays.

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Episode 55 -BarkWorld LIVE

Stacy Mantle from Pets Weekly joins us LIVE from BarkWorld in Georgia to tell us about the social media and blogging event and what's going on there, the latest products like really affordable home delivery pet foods, Quaker Pets Catnip infused toys, an activity monitor for dogs, and disaster prepared training like first aid and CPR for pet owners.  Deborah and Stacy talk about every thing from sleeping bears, doggie yoga, cats who are fed up with their owners, and a poorly run doggie daycare featured on Tabitha’s Takeover where dogs were sprayed with water for barking.  

It's an entertaining discussion about what’s new and cool in the pet world right now.

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Episode 54 - SuperZoo and Halloween Hints

Stacy Mantle Editor, of www.petsweekly.com  joins Deborah Wolfe to talk about the  newest items at SuperZoo in Vegas and the upcoming Bark World, in Georgia.  Find out about gps for your pet, a cat litter genie with no odor and stories of pets both Stacy and Deborah have encountered; guess their combined current pet total. Bet you can't.  Get your Halloween safety tips plus costume hints and surprising information about owning a pet wolf and black pets too.  This show is a rambling conversation covering every thing and any thing connected to pets and Halloween with Deb adding training advice and tips along the way.

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Episode 53 - Pit Bull Bans, Vicious Dogs & Bad Owners

Are you afraid of pit bulls? Maybe you are more afraid breed bans. Listen to this show for facts & stats & true stories that will help you decide how you want your community and its kids safe. 

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Episode 52 - Itchy, Sneezey & Scratchy…and No, They’re Not Dwarves!

Laura Cook joins Deborah to talk about tomatoes spliced with fish, and bananas that taste like ice cream sundaes. Is it bad to eat meat grown in a lab? Is a hot dog engineered to be 1/3 as fat as the ones we have today bad because it is made with a new engineered fake fat? What about allergies? How will our bodies recognize the foods we eat or will we fight them getting sick from what our bodies think are foreign invaders?  It is allergy season for places with Spring and this year pollen counts are record high.

Laura explains how allergies work and how body talk removes them.  www.thewayoflaura.com for more info. or to get a treatment from wherever you live.   Check out Deborah’s Dogs Gone Wild channel on Pet Life Radio’s new Chommmp! Animal Television!

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Episode 51 - The Disney Dog & The Black Sheep Cat

Deborah Wolfe hosts solo talking about a cat poop in the house problem, a dog that is afraid of Disney World and a cat who is picked on by the house dog and cats after returning from the Vet. Advice you can use to get peace in your house and happy pets and cleaner carpets.  Check out the free training tips on YouTube under Deborah Wolfe or go to Facebook for cool posts every week on Deborah Wolfe, Pet Expert page.  You can also check out the cute puppies and dogs on campgooddog at Facebook for your aaaaaaaaah moment of the day.  See real dogs and pups playing at camp.  www.debwolfe.net is where it all comes together but if you prefer you can also find her tweets at animaldeb on twitter.  Woof and meow.

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Episode 50 - Deborah Wolfe on What’s New in her Animal World

Deborah explains why it isn’t so bad that two dogs now have to be meal fed rather than free fed because of their cat roommate who got sick from eating their food. Training advice for dogs that jump up, or on things and rude dogs and cats generally. Sightings of manatee and dolphins plus a gorilla attack in Colorado and a polar bear getting breakfast in someone’s kitchen make Deborah’s animal news highlights. Pet friendly spring-cleaning tips. See the free clip on kids and dogs plus 7 more training clips at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV4Sp-eXXrM

Have you ever wondered how it all works with making puppies? From Conception to delivery listen to this quick run down. 9 healthy pups were born on march 7th ; See pics of the cuties being born then week by week at Camp Good Dog on Facebook or through Deborah Wolfe on YouTube. Warm winters bring bears but also ticks and fleas and their buddies Lyme disease and worm parasites. Take action now to keep your pets healthy.

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Episode 49 - NYC Cat Cartoonist Runs Guest House, Feeds Feral Cats & Inspires Funny Beautiful Cartoons

Deborah tells funny holiday pet stories and gives pet safety tips.  Deborah talks about  a NYC policeman with a dog problem and his email in case he doesn’t get to a phone because he’s enjoying retired life too much in Florida.  Deb Wolfe jokes with her guest Jane from The Pride Cartoon (www.thepridecartoon.com) about her “Twelve Cats of Christmas” holiday card series, the 18 feral cats Jane feeds and the vacation rental house where tourists can stay while visiting New York City and live right beside a real cat colony   If you have a desire to see cute dogs playing on a big farm in groups running and wrestling, playing tag and just mugging for still shots, check out the new camp good dog Facebook page which shows real live camp good dog campers in action romping here at our puppy paradise. Woof!

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Episode 48 - Itchy Scratchy Pets

Laura Cook, body talk practitioner, nutritionist and holistic allergist joins the party to share some healing stories for itchy, scratchy pets that may help you figure out what to tweak in your pet’s diet with an itchy scratchy pet you know.   Deborah answers Laura’s questions about her dog who is both in heat and afraid to get into the car.  After some dog talk, Laura explains how the immune system in animals is working or not working and the role of diet.  Deborah asks Laura if people and pets can exchange illnesses which Deborah has witnessed so many times.  Laura explains how that works describing a cat who took on throat cancer to help its human, a little girl.  Why do most pets do fine around fleas, worms or even mange while some can die?

Listen to this show and you’ll finally understand what probiotics are about and be able to tell your worst sugars from your not as bad more natural sugars. White flour =sugar to a diabetic explains Laura and Deborah tells how dogs boarding at Camp Good dog with cancer are often taken off all grains by the Veterinarian with the explanation that it feeds cancer.  Explore animal and people health and diet topics at this party.

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Episode 47 - It's a Pajama Party!

It’s a pajama party with editor Stacy Mantle from www.petsweekly.com .  Of course it’s pet pajamas all around at this animal party.  Get Stacy’s best holiday gift picks and Deb’s homemade and garage sale suggestions for easy pet gifting.   Try the recipe on the Pets Weekly site and make a pet lover you know very happy. Deb delivers the pet safety tips you need to keep your pets safe over the holidays plus training tips to keep your guests happy and your pets on their ‘nice’ list.  Here’s a free clip on how to get kids and dogs to play safely along with 9 other Deborah Wolfe training clips on YouTube plus of course Dogs Gone Wild.    

If you like seeing funny doggy and kitty clips then check out Deborah Wolfe, pet expert on Facebook and Camp Good Dog on Facebook where you’ll see lots of cute, cuddly and funny photos and clips plus some good information.   Pet jewelry, gps tags for dogs, cat modular furniture, bison treats and emergency aids like dehydrated supplies of pet food and the is it too hot in here doggie car thermometer which may save the day.  A big thank you to On Side Restoration and Intact Insurance for dealing with the flood and a reminder to everyone to stay safe with pet holiday tips.   Deborah and Stacy talk about the pet tour and Deborah offers to go on the road again with the Bad Dog Tour. If you know a pet fair or function.. a stage, radio program or tv show let us know and Deborah Wolfe will bring the Bad Dog tour to your town.  We’ll run contests to get our ‘baddest dogs in town’ and then Deborah will train them plus they’ll win prizes of course. (Sunny hot places preferred).

And  as always, if you have a stubborn dog problem or cat issue please email Deborah so she can help you solve your pet problem. Happy New Year to you and your pets.

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Episode 46 - A Glowing Recommendation for the Holidays!

Deb Wolfe gives safety tips and holiday manners & training tricks for the holidays. Check out Deborah Wolfe on YouTube to see clips you can copy. Kristen Smith from www.planetdog.com joins the party to talk about the Glow for Good Ball and all the good work its doing for autism therapy dogs, comfort, military and illness detection dogs. Plus Deb’s favorite, the very strong chew toy that looks just like a Christmas bulb.   

Do you know what the most common pet emergency Christmas and New Years Day? Listen to this show and your holiday will be safer for you and your pets and maybe easier for your non-pet loving guests too. Find a cute photo of the Christmas bulb along with a safety to do list on the Deborah Wolfe, Pet Expert Facebook Page, and while you are there, check out the Camp Good Dog Facebook group to see our latest doggie campers from the city decked out in Christmas costumes enjoying play on the farm. We’re expecting snow tonite; Dogs love snow!

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Episode 45 - Dolphins and Dragons

Laura Cook, Holistic Allergist, joins Deborah to do a shamanic reading of Deborah’s past and find animal influences, guides or manifestations in her life.  First we encounter a dolphin then a whale with a surprise dragon along the way.  Listen to Laura explain how these animals influence people’s lives and how health and life path can be set into balance after a reading where an animal is given voice.  Hear how Deborah’s real life experiences with dolphins in the wild and singing connect with this reading and the animals which were her long ago but still exist connecting and sending their message through Laura.  Find out about the humpback species meeting in the Caribbean ocean years ago and hear about native lore and legend and how the animals that influence a person fit within that framework. 

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Episode 44 - Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My

Deborah gives you breaking animal news about lions, tigers, and bears on the loose in an American town. Jack Hanna has been flown in and many are being shot. The rest of this show is all about Halloween and related training topics done in a totally new way. Want to mentally send commands to your dog or cat and get a response? Listen to this show and you too can have a familiar. If you like Halloween topics check out the shows done last year at this time with Stacy Mantle from pets weekly magazine (Episode 25) where Deb Wolfe and Stacy talked about werewolves, mythology and animals and the show true blood or check out the pet ghost story show Deb did with cat wrangler Dusty Rainbolt (Episode 26).

Pet warnings for Halloween plus a how to do it right run-down for a safer happy Halloween for your kids, yourself and your pets. What to do about fears and how to deal with fraidy cats and fearful dogs on Halloween. Plus a fun costume idea and some ancient information that is still true today about familiars and their humans. In fact Deborah tells you how to communicate (without words) with your pets. Is this spooky? Well try it and you decide., it works! Tell deborah what you discover when you communicate without words to your pets.

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Episode 43 - Greyhounds Make Great Pets

How fast can a greyhound run? Do their paws really not touch the ground at top speed?

Mark Abrams, a volunteer with G.A.L.T. in Texas and the founder of a greyhound adoption group in Canada joins us to talk about adopting ex-track racing greyhounds as family pets. How can such fast runners make good pets for seniors and cat lovers who live in apartments? Mark explains why owning a greyhound is so different from owning any other dog. Go to www.adopt-a-greyhound.org for more info. Deborah shares a home remedy for when your dog gets exposed to smoke or pollutants something yummy from your veggie drawer will help.

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Episode 42 - A Stupid Man, A Bear & Wonder Pets

Deborah reports on a stupid man saved from bear by 4 little dogs proving once again that good off-leash dogs make everyone safer.  Stacy Mantle from Pets Weekly joins the party to talk about the upcoming Wonder Pet Expo in Arizona and the Super Smiley Flash Mob Dance, plus the doggie dunk tank and other crazy exhibits.  Did you know your dog or cat could wear a small tag that makes him track able by GPS? Never lose your pet again! Stacy tells us about some great products plus together they both give you driving and hot weather pet tips. Find out about the Wonder Pet Expo or the products mentioned on air at www.petsweekly.com.  You can see pics of the giant raccoon killing a Rottweiler at Deborah Wolfe, pet expert on Facebook or  www.deborahwolfeonline.com where you can also see a healthy litter of red poodle pups being born.

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Episode 41 - Cats vs. Dogs Part 2

In Part 2 of our Cats vs. Dogs series, we’ll compare the skills, natural equipment and psychology of Cats, Dogs & the Humans who love them with Dr. Stanley Coren.

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Episode 40 - Cats vs. Dogs!

Are you a dog lover who barely tolerates cats? Or maybe you are a cat lover who finds dogs terribly messy. This show will give you ammunition for water cooler, or cocktail party arguments about which is better Rover or Kitty. Then again the Professor tells us there are three types of people; the cats only people, the dogs only people and the cats & dogs people who love both the felines and the canines like Deborah does. Whatever your camp this show will teach you something about both cats and dogs while you enjoy a funny, lively debate between experts. Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor and Author of ‘Intelligence of Dogs’ is barking for the dogs while Darlene Arden, author of ‘The Complete Cat’s Meow’ will be meowing for the cats with your host Deborah Wolfe sitting on the fence as moderator and stirring up trouble like the cat on the fence with the dogs sitting below-. Maybe there aren’t any ‘Seeing Eye cats, but cats can work.

You can find more shows with these two experts separately if you scroll back through the animal party. These two are among Deb’s favorite guests because they are informative and great fun.

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Episode 39 - First Aid For Pets

Do you have what you need in your first aid kit? Listen to this show to find out what you need to add to your kit for your pets.  Would you know how to stop the blood if kitty or rover cut his paw? Lisa Wagner from www.walksnwags.com joins Deborah to talk about first aid for pets. Cats and dogs are different from humans making first aid different too.  Add to that the fact that pet emergencies tend to happen far away from help or often when every thing is closed, and you need some basic skills to keep your pets safe in emergencies.  Deborah tells you about some close calls describing how Mike was saved by the Vet at Starbucks,  and Chopper went to the clinic with half a bench in his body. Walks And Wags Pet First Aid courses teach you what you need to know in just ten hours of classroom time.  You can also take the course long distance.  And you can become and instructor yourself and set up a franchise teaching pet first aid to the pet lovers where you live with only ten hours more.

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Episode 38 - When Cat-astrophe Strikes it’s Toys to the Rescue

Deborah opens the party with four organizations doing good work for animals hit by the disasters in Japan and how you can help.  Our guest, Ellen Tsuyuki from Nekochan Enterprises, sent toys to Japan to help the refugee pet cats deal with their confinement until they can be reunited with their families.  Nekochan donates cat toys to shelters to help animate and exercise homeless cats so they come of their shells and connect with people and better their chances of finding forever homes.  Ellen set up the company with this pro cat shelter charity work built in and that means with every Nekochan purchase you are helping rescue cats.  Your own cats will love these toys because they are totally different and more fun than any thing you’ve bought before.  Cats need exercise in fact an average house cat is faster than you might think.  Tune in to find out how fast a cat can run plus hear two nice animal news stories about pet loving truckers. 

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Episode 37 - Fostering Felines

‘How many sniffer dogs did it take to keep the royal couple safe at their wedding last week?’  Today’s show is all about rescue and the gratitude you get from rescued pets.  Susan Kars joins us to talk about her work fostering cats for Vokra.  Teaching a cat to trust and then giving it up can be tough she explains, but she finds fostering cats very rewarding and she keeps on doing it.  She describes how volunteers are placed first with very easy to handle cats, ex-pets and that the job of fostering is relatively easy but hugely rewarding.  Her latest cat in residence can be seen on the Vokra website at www.orphankittenrescue.com along with many others who need homes.

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Episode 36 - It’s The Russian Dog Wizard!

Deborah updates you on the 100 sled dogs killed post Olympics, and the new anti-cruelty recommendations that will be adopted.  Vladislav Roytapel, the Russian Dog Wizard joins the party to share his expertise and training advice as well as his opinions on dog related issues many dog owners face.  Do you sleep with your dog? Vladae says, maybe you shouldn’t.  Deborah fills in the cat content where possible with diet and training and comparisons but this is mostly a dog show.  Vladae talks about what its like to be a guest on David Letterman, his past as a KGB dog trainer and his take on how dogs speak and learn. Hear two different styles of dog training plus information on many breeds and some behavior problems. 

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Episode 35 -The Complete Cat’s Meow

Animal good news from Japan plus Deborah welcomes Darlene Arden with a quiz in cat talk and Darlene  passes both cat calls translating correctly. She does speak cat and her book will help you understand, raise, and care for your cats with better insight. Teach them to play piano, do basic dog tricks and more advanced fun like agility plus solve bad kitty manners and behaviour issues.  Do you train a cat like a dog?  Darlene explains the differences and says ‘Cats are easier to train than dogs’. Learn the truth about widely believed cat myths.  Do you hug pets? You may not after this show. Darlene answers two email cat behavior questions including one signed Farty Yoga Cat plus litter box advice and tips for moving with older cats.

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Episode 34 -The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals

Fur-Bearer Defenders Spokesperson, Adrian Nelson talks to us about cats and dogs ending up killed so they can line our coats and boots. What you can do to make sure you don’t accidentally buy dog and cat fur in your clothes and linings.  Find out the SPCA sent an ex homicide investigator to follow the imported fur and trace it back to its source.  The footage of these dog and cat farms was clandestinely made and you can now see it at the fur-bearer defender website.  Think it isn’t true? Well even the officials have admitted to the BBC that cat and dog fur is traded and sold and farmed in some countries for export to North America.  Find out the full story plus how certain animals like beavers and coyotes are considered pests and then trapped horribly by cities and towns.

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Episode 33 - Would You Kiss A Snake?

Mike Hopcraft, The Reptile Guy, joins Deborah to talk about rescuing an alligator and a dangerous python and about owning reptiles as pets. How can you tell a bad store from a good one?

Mike explains how he reads alligator body language and how regulations have changed the way he does his rescue work. In warmer places like Florida, people should never let pet reptiles escape as they become invading species that do huge damage. Check out www.reptileguy.ca to ‘sponsor-a-reptile’ ; See stories with photos of rescued Caymans, turtles, snakes and dragons or ask Mike your reptile question. Deborah wants to know if your work demanded it, would you kiss a snake?

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Episode 32 - You Can Do More for Animals

Author and Legal Activist, Allie Phillips, joins us from her work in the Nation’s capital changing the world to make it safer for kids and animals.  Allie wants you to know about pound seizure; the practice of selling animals lost, found and rescued into lab research programs and how you can make it stop.   Her new book will enable you to become an activist for animals in every day ways like looking for the leaping bunny on products you buy and online by supporting efforts under way and in person too.  In fact she even explains how you can train your own pet to provide therapy.  Allie left a career as a lawyer often working with abused kids to set up programs for kids in the system to get the benefit of therapy animals present during their intake, examinations and interviews.

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Episode 31 - Greta Beigel, ‘Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat’

Deborah asks would you rather kiss your favorite celeb like Angelina Jolie or her husband Brad Pitt to welcome the New Year or your pets?  Plus New Years resolutions your dog might write; cats wouldn’t bother because they think they are perfect already!  Author and musician, writer and traveler, Greta Beigel joins us to talk about her book which shows us the Jewish  holidays from a cat’s perspective.  The book is done in gentle rhyme making it ideal for children ages 8+ to read themselves or read aloud to kids younger.  Together Greta and Deborah discuss how Jewish pet owners pamper and spoil, overprotect and otherwise treat their pets like their own Jewish offspring.  Are mice kosher?  Do cats have cat mitzvahs?  Do Jewish cats see the doctor more than non-Jewish cats?

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Episode 30 - Noah’s Wish

A stinky cat saves a family from fire and Deborah tells you the story plus what is a salty dog?  Bring one along to this party with Charlie Crosby, pet disaster relief coordinator.  Noahs’ Wish has only one mission and that’s to help pets during disasters.  They go where people are fleeing and rescue pets from situations like Hurricane Katrina, The Okanagan Fires, and more.  In fact they are always looking for new rescuers so if you are good with animals and adventurous, sign up for ther 2011 courses and get the skills you need to actually go where the disaster hit and save the animals instead of just watching it play out on TV.  Charlie explains how Noah’s wish works to keep animals safe from disasters all over America and Canada and tells about her own experiences in the flood and fires. www.noahswish.org to see photos of dogs rescued at Katrina, information on the upcoming courses and what you need to know to keep your own animals safe when you obey an evacuation order. 

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Episode 29 - Deborah’s Holiday Party with Safety Tips and Expert Shopping Tips

Guest Stacy Mantle, editor of www.petsweekly.com joins Deborah to tell us what’s hot, new and different on her list of best pet gifts for this year.   From the sheet that lets you sleep extra pets on your bed to the heated plug in pet beds, she’s got stuff you’ve never heard about and pet bling too.   Do most people spend more on their pet presents or their in-laws at this time of year?  Tune in and find out the answers to some holiday pet trivia. . Get Deborah’s safety tips to keep your pets healthy and happy through the holidays plus hear Deborah read some zingers from the Pet House Rules plaques customized for every breed with your own dog’s photo and the rules your dog presides over in your home. www.petplaque@gmail.com

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Episode 28 - From Animal Cruelty to Creature Comforts

Today Deborah invites to the party, cat expert and animal rescuer, Marci Kladnik from Catalyst for Cats.  Marci does feral cat colony management and rescue work in California which has brought her hands-on knowledge of pets who have gone from terrible circumstances to happy homes after animal cruelty and violence sometimes committed by kids. Together host, Deborah Wolfe and Marci discuss the issue of animal cruelty with the emphasis on what you can do to make things better. Stats available through the ASPCA website and other sources show that there is a huge link between family violence and animal abuse.

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Episode 27 - Pets & The Law

Fat Cats And Lucky Dogs, author and lawyer Barry Seltzer talks with Deborah about American and Canadian Animal Rights laws and tells you which areas of both countries protect animals best. How can you keep your animals out of the shelter or worse if you die? How do you pick the right person to ask to care for your pets?

Barry contributes stories of huge sums designated for pets and outrageous custody battles over dogs. Deborah asks what do George Washington, JFK, and Calvin Coolidge have in common pet-wise?

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Episode 26 - Halloween Party! Pet Ghosts Welcome with Dusty Rainbolt, Author of ‘Ghost Cats’ & ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’

Deborah shares some Halloween safety tips for dogs and cats and Dusty Rainbolt adds some must-do advice to help you keep your pets safe through Halloween.  KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE TILL A FEW DAYS PAST HALLOWEEN no matter what they are normally used to or they can be killed in cruel pranks. Can owls turn their heads all the way around?  Do scorpions glow in the dark plus some more Halloween trivia as we take this party on a ghostly ride with some real pet ghost stories. Ghost Cats who dent the bed with their imprint, Ghost dogs who come with their collars jingling and pets who come to say goodbye like a horse on Christmas.   Did you know there are hotels, libraries and other public places known for pet ghosts?

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Episode 25 - True Blood - Animal Halloween Party with Wolves, Werewolves & Animal Shapeshifters

Party with 2 pet experts with their pet take on ‘True Blood’ (HBO) & its animal connections.

Deborah Wolfe welcomes the editor of www.petsweekly.com, Stacy Mantle back to the show to talk about ‘True Blood’, the HBO TV show, the ancient myths, Halloween lore and wolves. Deborah describes the on set training of wolves, and Stacy contributes the ancient stories behind creatures like werewolves and werecats, & shapeshifters who take on animal form and how they interact with each other and humans. If you love the show ‘True Blood’ you’ll like learning about Kristin Bauer and Alexander Skarsgard and their animal charity work. 

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Episode 24 - What’s Hot and What’s Not from Twilight Werewolf, Taylor Lautner to Ratty old Dog Collars; Hot Spot Remedies, Catio Furniture and Toyota

Win a ‘Catio’ prize or a replacement for your ratty (not hot anymore) dog collar. Stacy Mantle, Author of ‘Conquering the Food Chain;Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One)’ brings  the hot off the press reviews from  Pets Weekly (petsweekly.com) to tell you all about recyclable dog beds  from www. poochplanet.com , organic cat beds (smartykat.com), non-toxic hot spot, flea and skin remedies that work (www.dermagic.com) and amazing cat furniture from FelineFurniture.com that allows your indoor cats to enjoy the outdoors with safety. 

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Episode 23 - CatsCenterstage and Cat Fancy

Have you ever wondered if all cats are born with blue eyes? Or How hot does it get in a closed car on a summer day and how fast does it heat up? These answers plus a recipe for home made weed killer and homemade flea spray are at this party with Deborah Wolfe and her guest, Joan Miller Vice President of the Cat Fanciers’ Association & All breed Judge, joins Deborah to talk about CatsCenterstage.org a website made for lovers of every type of cat from pet pedigreed to feral and all the many ‘cat-next-door’ types.  For the first time ever the website is designed to represent and work for those who love pedigreed, feral and random cats and it offers a huge medical database to help cat owners figure out what to ask their own Vets when their cats are sick.  There are games and quizzes for kids and grownups, information, stories, photos and the future is wherever you want it to go with this site which will be growing and evolving to meet the needs of those who post. 

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Episode 22 - Summer Party with Deborah Wolfe

News about Pamela Anderson’s latest Peta poster and the Rodeo gone wrong and right plus information on how to stay safe this summer and have happy times with your pets at home, on the road, the beach, the dog park and vacation trips. What can we copy from how we act with pets to make our love relationships better?  Deborah shares the recipe for anti-skunk stink cleaner and more practical pet tips. You may want to check the moon next time you plan to go surfing because sharks attack more often in certain moon phases.

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Episode 21 - Telepathy With Animals is Not Just For Psychics!

Tim Link joins the party to talk about animals and how they think and communicate with thoughts.  He can read your pets.  Deborah asks him if they think in words or pictures or something else and he explains.  Plus Tim does some readings for pet life radio listeners who emailed photos and questions.  Why does one cat bully another?  Can Tim help teach some cats to wait to be called before jumping up on their owner’s claws out?  Tim does a special reading for Deborah and connects with Squeak the blue heeler who died June 2009.  Find out what Tim receives from pets that are no longer alive.      

Tim also shares lighter readings including a message from Thump who wants his owners to know that yogurt is okay but Thump wants meat and actually any scraps of any kind; He loves the variety and the surprise.  Tim explains how all of us can send picture messages to our animals when we want to give them commands or make requests.  At first Deborah was somewhat sceptical but since the show was made she has enjoyed amazing results from coupling commands and wishes with visual messages sent on purpose; the cats come quicker and are more polite.  Sadie isn’t picking on Peekaboo much anymore and has become relaxed with all the other cats since Tim sent her a message.   Check out this party and you’ll learn how to send messages to your pets. It is very easy and you’ll see results immediately.

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Episode 20 - Assistance Dogs for the Blind and Kids with Autism

The party gets started with a party joke as Deborah reads a funny paragraph about dog poop from the book, ‘A Year in Merde’ by Stephen Clarke.  A whole lot of goldens, labs and mixes of the two are coming to the party and they are all so well behaved walking on their harnesses and laying down politely without raiding the buffet; these aren’t the rude Labs and Goldens we often see counter-surfing and begging – they must be well trained ever so polite Guide Dogs.  Barry Dunner explains what its like to walk the blindfold walk with only a seeing eye dog for eyes.  And Deborah asks what exactly Autism support dogs do for the kids they serve.    

Did you know the dog stops the child from rocking and helps in ways besides keeping the child from running away?   Barry brings touching stories about the impact of the dogs he’s seen trained to serve.  It costs $35,000 to train a Seeing Eye dog and the blind person pays nothing, but there is a wait list and demand is high.  Barry and Deborah discuss the training, placement and the effect of getting a dog placed; it’s a ripple and everyone wins!  You can find out more about Guide Dogs at www.bcguidedog.com

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Episode 19 - Inside the Wild World of Feral Cats

Marci Kladnik joins the party from Santa Barbara California where she works inside the  world of wild feral cats.  Marci explains why TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release) is the best technique for feral cat colony management. Together Deborah and Marci discuss the lives of feral cats and the conflicts- real and political that occur between bird lovers and TNR  cat advocates.  When a feral cat population truly is threatening a vulnerable bird nesting area, the colony is moved; most of the time the conflict is based on myth not fact and the cats are actually helping the birds with rodent patrol.  Eggs and chicks get eaten by rodents constantly on every farm unless either cats or poison are at work.

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Episode 18 - The Cat Coach Tackles Bad Habits With New Clicker Tricks

Marilyn Krieger, is the Cat Coach for Cat Fancy Magazine, catchannel.com and now for us at Animal Party.  She’ll explain her new book ‘Click Your Cat to Better Behavior’ by solving our own email cat problems about cats who attack us, hide on stairs, jump up on counters, dart out doors, destroy furniture and avoid litter boxes.  Plus she’ll share her party tricks for getting cats to do fun tricks using the clicker and her new book.  If you’ve got a cat of any kind you can use her tips to curb the mischief and get some great two-way communication going with trick training.  You can also use your cat’s new ability to come or sit or high five on command to silence the smug cat hater in your family.  We ask Marilyn her opinion on Trap, Neuter and Release feral cat management efforts, her opinion on the indoor vs. outdoor debate for pet cats and what she knows about declawing. 

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Episode 17 - I Did The Iditarod

Teri Wilson, author of Dog books, and Romance books including ‘Cup of Joe’, ‘All Creatures of Our God & King”, ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’, ‘Rodeo Redemption’ (& others) took her southern self to the Alaskan Iditarod and worked a dog team. See www.spanieldiaries.blogspot.com  to see what volunteering at the Iditarod is like.  Teri explains the unbelievable tug-of war style power of a team of pulling dogs and how she got trained to roll out of the way.  What does an ice hook have to do with mushing? Listen to the show and find out.    Teri describes the sites of the region including the historical dog journey from Anchorage to Gnome of over 1,000 miles, which brought diphtheria medicine to children and saved lives.  This is a great example of dog work that helps humans and teamwork human with dogs.  Would you like to go next year and volunteer?

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Episode 16 - Say Goodbye To Pet Allergies

Deborah reports on a treatment that is both new and old and gets rid of allergies in people and pets.  About four treatments is all it takes to handle most allergies and for severe peanut allergies there is a 100% guarantee.  Did you know that recently Canada changed its regulations so now all Canadian flights must have animals in cargo?  Why? Because 1 in 10 passengers surveyed complained of severe pet allergies when confined on planes.   Deborah tells you some things you can do to help the allergy sufferers in your family when they visit your pet filled home.  Laura Cook from Zero Allergies joins the party with her expertise and she’s brought with her samples of every thing that allergy sufferers avoid from pollen to wheat to cat hair and vacuum lint.  It is March right now- cherry tree season- on the west coast and for the first time ever Deborah is doing radio with no allergy meds thanks to these treatments.  Plus Deborah is finally winning her long battle with cat allergies and the cats are sleeping wherever they choose not exiled from the bedroom.  Laura describes the science behind the treatments and Deborah tells you what it is like as a patient.  This treatment involves no needles and you can keep taking meds if you need them so there is no risk to giving it a try.  Laura also treats diabetics to help them need less insulin, patients suffering from MS, arthritis and every kind of digestive or allergic problem.

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Episode 15 - Why do Cats Bury their Poop?

Deborah asks Caroline Coile the most common questions she gets when on tour plus her own questions too; Are some cats gay?  Do cats masturbate? Facts about the cat penis.   What is the cat purr all about?   Do cats hate car rides?  Are cats bothered by sound pollution?   Cats hear better and see better in most ways than dogs but their sense of smell though worse than dogs. Caroline explains the amazing facts of cat vision and contrasts the cat to its fellow mammals.   Do cross eyed cats see okay?   Can cats count? Is catnip like pot?   Deborah adds to the discussion with information on dogs and large cats, Hans the horse, and Caroline gives you the most interesting science behind the cat and how experiments are structured to test pets and babies for abilities. 

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Episode 14 - Join the Olympic Party, Vancouver 2010 – Animal Style with Deborah Wolfe

We all know a cheetah is faster than a man running, but is a cheetah faster than a gold medal speed skater? Find out how humans rank against animals in sport.  Deborah shares the results of the Camp Good Dog Dog-Olympics so far with guest camper dogs competing in several events including hockey!   A big thank you to the working dogs of the Olympics as Deborah explains how avalanche, airport and police dogs are selected, trained, and assigned to the Games.

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Episode 13 - Why Do Dogs Like Balls?

Caroline Coile, PhD, author of ’Why Do Dogs Like Balls?’, and ‘Silly Dog Tricks’ (+29 other books) joins the party with answers to the funniest doggy questions Deborah can find from her book. Are dogs gay? If not why do boy dogs form a line of humping bunny hopping two legged dancing males, asks Deborah? Can dogs hear pet deterrents and collars? Why do female dogs often think they are pregnant when they are not? Get the best recipe for de-skunking your stinky dog or getting stubborn dark eye stains off pretty fur when Caroline and Deborah laugh and chat and party together.

Pick up some great easy tricks to teach your dogs and listen to Caroline and Deborah party with their dogs. Don’t forget to send a photo of your pet for a psychic reading by our future guest Tim Link; Please send photos of pets shown face frontal (both eyes) and well lit with the subject heading PET READINGS to deborah@petliferadio.com along with a question you want the psychic to ask your pet.

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Episode 12 - Melanie Coronetz, Author of ‘In the Shadow of Mercury: A Memoir of Mid-Life and Dogs’

7-year-old autistic, James Deloney is found after 48 hrs in sub zero weather with no coat; The dog came home and when rescuers followed his reverse tracks they found this lost boy with no language.  GOOD DOG!  All the volunteer searchers and all the police men, couldn’t bring him back like the family dog can! Now there is a nursery rhyme that ought to be told.

How many rat descendents will come from one mama rat in a year?  Deborah explains how Rottweilers are like Rhinos.   Author Melanie Coronetz joins the party to talk about her book ‘In the Shadow of Mercury: A memoir of mid-life and dogs’ which delights New Yorkers with a real sense of place.  Melanie explains how she fell into dog owning and competing and schipperke paws plus she talks about the terrible loss of her first Mercury and the brutal attack and slaughter of her next two schipperkes  on leash at her feet in Central park. 

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Episode 11 - Putting Some Bite Into Healthy Teeth

Teeth cleaning and probiotics for dogs? Are we serious?  Exactly how to get your reluctant dog or cat or your easy going puppy to love teeth brushing.  Diane Jansey has been looking after dogs’ mouths for over 30 years- she’s a canine nutritionist and dental hygienist plus she knows how to breed and show to win.  What to do with a Bichon, Maltese or any type of dog that greets with a piddle puddle?  Pumpkin, mango and other health food items your dogs will love plus how to introduce these foods to your pets’ diet.  Deborah asks Diane her opinion on the move away from tail docking and ear cropping.  Diane explains how probiotics work for dogs under stress and how probiotics plus digestive enzymes can stop dogs from eating dog poop.

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Episode 10 - Dogs Deserve Better

This week Deborah talks to Tamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, an award-winning national nonprofit working on behalf of America’s chained and penned dogs.  

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Episode 9 - Hottest Party on the Planet

What is the strangest job for dogs?   Our party guest today is Kristen Smith from Planet Dog and she’s here to tell you all about the service dogs her products help support; Seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, dogs of war, epileptic seizure detection/escort dogs and new ways service dogs are helping kids with diabetes and autism.  Planet Dog sells eco friendly dog toys, and dog stuff like cheeky bumper stickers that will make any pet lover smile plus these planet dog gifts come with a feel good note explaining that you have just helped a service dog with a donation.  For Today’s party trick, Deborah teaches you how to get your dog to ‘go get’ objects on command and gives you some much needed holiday safety tips to keep your holiday parties safe for your animals.  Happy Holidays to you and your pets from all of us at Animal Party. 

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Episode 8 - Pitbulls, & Rotties & Dobies Oh My

Lisa Peterson, Director of Club Communications for the AKC comes to party and talk about breed bans and why they don’t work and how the Canine Good Citizen program can solve the public safety problem much better.  Plus Lisa tells you how you and your mutt or purebred dog can have a blast at AKC events; every dog has a sport they love from digging and tracking to obstacle racing or duck retrieving and the list goes on.  Check out www.akc.org and let the dog games begin!  Did you know a Rottweiler has double the jaw strength compared to a Doberman?  Deborah adds facts about this hot ‘bad to the bone’ bad dog issue with party conversation that bites! 

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Episode 7 - Halloween Party! Pet Ghosts Welcome!

Deborah Wolfe parties with Dusty Rainbolt, Author of ‘GHOST CATS’ & ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’. First we answer an email from a frustrated pet owner who has a ‘Dennis the Menace’ cat named Lex who jumps up on the keepsake counter and knocks off plants and pictures to get some play action every night. Dusty gives many solutions to this cat prankster including some fun and easy tricks. Then Deborah & Dusty take a walk on the paranormal side and share their own cat ghost and dog ghost stories plus some from the book, ‘Ghost Cats’.

Do you wish your pets would come back to you as ghosts? Or maybe you’d like to visit a library, or check into a hotel where guests often see cat ghosts? Maybe you think you have seen one but you’re not sure. Dusty’s collections of true Cat Ghost stories help us understand what to look for, smell for and listen for when seeking out pet ghosts. Plus Deborah and Dusty give you quick tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween.

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Episode 6 - Party With The Cool Cat Lady

Have you tried to give your cat a pill? Or a bath?   Expert tips on how to understand your cats better and get smoother results.  Deborah talks about the latest scientific research to underestimate the communication intent of the dog bark and tells you about a new kind of healthy milk taking off in Europe. Then Beth Adelman, ‘the Cat Lady’ Columnist for the New York Sunday Post joins the party to tell us about  cats and how our own human bias interferes with us getting along.  Your cat is not mad at you when he poops on the floor, she explains, once you understand what’s making him poop in the wrong place you can get him to poop in the box.  How often should you bathe your cat? Almost never says this cat lady, author of ‘Every Cat’s Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner’, ‘Dog Talk’ & books for kids including ‘Cool Cats’, ‘Weird Pets’ & others.

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Episode 5 - The Toy Dog and His World View

Dogs do make us happy! Deborah brings you the results of a Japanese Scientific study that noted oxytocin caused by the love of dogs. Deborah begins by telling you what toy dogs and Captain Kirk have in common then the party guest arrives and it is Darlene Arden, author of ‘Small Dogs, Big Hearts’ & ‘Petiquette: Rover Get off her leg! She Joins Deborah to talk about small dogs, their bodies, personalities, special needs and gifts. Listen to Darlene Arden explain the world of the toy dog from Affenpinschers to Shih Tzus (actually she goes from A to X with the Xoloitzcuintli at the end of the book but only she and other die hard toy dog fans can pronounce that one!)

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Episode 4 - Brainy Breeds – The Intelligence Of Dogs Part 2

Want to listen in while two dog experts visit and exchange ideas in depth? This is your chance to hear Dr. Stanley Coren, UBC Psychology Professor & Bestselling Author, interpret his book, ‘ The Intelligence of Dogs’ helping you understand what this means for training your own dog or for selecting the right type of dog in the future.  Deborah Wolfe, and Dr.Coren  share some historical  dog stories and facts   from his book including the solution to the trivia question about the Victorian doggie record holder for most rats killed in half an hour.  Was it  20? 50? 100? 200? How many rats do you think ‘Tiny’ killed in 30 minutes? And what kind of dog was she?  Plus Deborah asks the Professor for his opinion on several hot button  timely news topics including; the Supreme Court Decision to ignore the appeal on the ban on pit bulls, (half pit bulls, and pit bull-like dogs) in Ontario.  Dr. Coren gives his opinion on the recent controversy over unethical breeding to extremes in the UK and more including whether or not your dog should be a vegetarian.  Educate yourself and listen to this show (NO tuition fee required!).

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Episode 3 - Brainy Breeds – The Intelligence Of Dogs

Deborah welcomes Professor and Author Dr. Stanley Coren to give you the highlight lecture, the cram session notes on the ‘Intelligence of Dogs’.

Deborah begins the show with animal news; Goat Canucks Goat? Deborah becomes a hockey fan finally after years of resistance. A three year old girl survives a cougar attack when her mom jumps in between and beats the cougar; Cougar safety for humans and pets. Listen to this show to find out who the dumbest and smartest breeds are. Is it an insult to get called an Afghan? What about a Poodle, a Doberman, Boxer, Golden or Bulldog? The Professor describes three types of dog intelligence and explains why some dogs can be so smart at some things like lure chasing (hunting) and yet clueless at Obedience training class. How does your dog’s intelligence compare with your child? Dr. Coren explains that all dogs can learn what we need from them but that sometimes knowing the breed’s intelligence helps owners understand how long it will take to teach them. Deborah and the Professor chat about dogs, dogs, dogs and how the different dogs think and learn. Do dogs pull guilt trips on their owners? The answer may surprise you.

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Episode 2 - We Tried It- You’ll Love It!

Join the Animal Party and check out the water bowl talk about justice for animal crimes, bears, blue fin tuna (aka toro) on your sushi menu, and hear Deborah Wolfe’s dog trainer’s review of ‘Marley & Me’ now on dvd. Do you know how many animals were domesticated in the last 4,000 years? Find out when cats and dogs first joined up with humans. Stacy Mantle from Pets Weekly Magazine joins Deborah to bring you their favorite new products for pets from self- cleaning litter boxes to hot spot remedies that work! Plus some strange treats like Bull penis sticks, surprise bargain finds and new ways of dealing with pet loss. 

If you’ve ever bought an expensive piece of pet equipment only to find its junk or wasted time going back and forth returning an item that just won’t work right - this show is for you.. Stacy has 18 cat testers and several dog testers. Deborah has five dog testers, six cat testers, various barnyard animals who like to try new things and many eager doggie volunteer testers from the boarding campers at Camp Good Dog. Simplify your life with stuff that works; Products reviewed here were tried and tested by these experts and their many animals.

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Episode 1 - Dusty The Cat Wrangler Visits Deborah The Dog Diva

Obama picked the right kind of dog but not the right name. Do you know which animal brain is most like the brain of a bi-polar human? Are pit bulls bad to the bone? If not, why are pit bulls in the news so much for violent attacks? Host, Deborah Wolfe takes a look at the issue of bad dog breeds, breed bans, and chained dogs. Cats invented the real estate time share concept says Dusty Rainbolt, author of ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’ as she explains how cats think, act and resolve conflict in multi-cat homes.

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