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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
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..Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My

Halloween on Pet Life Radio ...............

Lions, Tigers and Bears on Pet Life Radio

Deborah gives you breaking animal news about lions, tigers, and bears on the loose in an American town. Jack Hanna has been flown in and many are being shot. The rest of this show is all about Halloween and related training topics done in a totally new way. Want to mentally send commands to your dog or cat and get a response? Listen to this show and you too can have a familiar.  If you like Halloween topics check out the shows done last year at this time with Stacy Mantle from pets weekly magazine (Episode 25) where Deb Wolfe and Stacy talked about werewolves, mythology and animals and the show true blood or check out the pet ghost story show Deb did with cat wrangler Dusty Rainbolt (Episode 26).

Pet warnings for Halloween plus a how to do it right run-down for a safer happy Halloween for your kids, yourself and your pets.  What to do about fears and how to deal with fraidy cats and fearful dogs on Halloween. Plus a fun costume idea and some ancient information that is still true today about familiars and their humans.  In fact Deborah tells you how to communicate (without words) with your pets. Is this spooky? Well try it and you decide., it works! Tell deborah what you discover when you communicate without words to your pets.

Find Deborah Wolfe, Pet Expert on Facebook, or animaldeb on twitter where she tries to #woofwednesday and #meowmonday tweet message each week; if you don’t know what that means you should listen to this show since Deborah explains.  Send your ideas, pet problems and guest suggestions to  where you’ll also see video of 7 puppies being born, great funny clips and animal jokes and pics and heart warming stories.  More pet advice than you can shake a stick at and links to great pet radio.  If you want to see Deborah work her magic with some misbehaving dogs of all types, check out deborah wolfe on youtube FREE SNEAK PEEK right now for a limited time only you will see ten clips covering come, heel, kids and more

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