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Gimme Shelter on Pet Life RadioJill Sullivan Grueter  On The Road with Mac and Molly  on Pet Life Radio

(scroll down for episodes) .............................Jill Sullivan Grueter
Team Leader

James “JB” Byrne on Pet Life Radio...............Simon MacAllister on Pet Life Radio

James “JB” Byrne..............................Simon MacAllister
Project Lead, Master Carpenter ....................Master Electrician

Drew Davis on Pet Life Radio ...............Project Pawsitive on Pet Life Radio

Drew Davis
Master Carpenter

Join four friends from New Hampshire as they renovate no-kill animal rescues in desperate need across America.

Project Pawsitive is a docu-soap that chronicles the rewarding, yet demanding, journey of four friends from New Hampshire as they construct awesome renovations for the most overwhelmed and under-equipped rescues around. With the help of community volunteers,cages transform into lush suites fit for a king, concrete floors become radiant-heated lounge areas, sparse outdoor play areas are reborn as green oasis’, and barks are calmed by Mozart piped through installed music systems.  From dogs and cats to farm animals and reptiles, no rescue is the same after being transformed by the Project Pawsitive team!

Yet, bringing these facilities back from the brink is just one aspect. The team also learns the true meaning of life through the hearts and voices of volunteers sharing their own touching stories about why they have dedicated their lives to giving these animals a second chance.



Episode 3 - The Next Renovation: Learn Why the Team Chose This No-Kill Shelter
The Project Pawsitive team talks to the compassionate and teary-eyed president of the no-kill greyhound shelter they are tearing down and rebuilding in a few, short months. Learn what has kept her rescuing these beautiful pups for over 20 years and how this renovation saved her dream from ending too soon.

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Episode 2 - Straight From The Horse’s Mouth
The team sits down with volunteers from their first renovation at Lucky's Legacy -- a horse rescue that save horses from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. Hear how the rescue desperately struggled before the renovation with a roof on the verge of collapse, no power, and no water. Then, find out how life has changed dramatically after the renovation and how they are now able to help horses around the country.

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Episode 1 - Meet The Team!
Jill Sullivan Grueter welcomes everyone to their new radio show and introduces the Project Pawsitive team:  James “JB” Byrne, Simon MacAllister and Drew Davis.  Jill and the Team talk about how Project Pawsitive was created and what projects are in store for the upcoming months.

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