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Welcome to “Wynn with Dogs”, your weekly podcast source for all the latest in longevity issues for your pup.  Join host, Raquel Wynn, as she focuses on the ins and outs of exercise, stretching, nutrition, and alternative modalities of health for our canine companions.  Learn the proper exercise protocols for every pup, from the couch canine to the canine athlete.  Discover the importance of supplementation and appropriate nutrition for optimal longevity.  Find out ways to prevent injuries and illness in your pooch.  Ascertain methods of rehabilitation that are safe and side effect free. 

Listen in as Raquel talks with various experts in the field of health, from vets to massage therapists, from trainers to members of canine athletic teams, all with the common goal of creating a healthy, happy environment for your hounds.  Take charge of your dog’s health and ensure a long, rewarding life for Fido.  Raquel offers a refreshing perspective that will surely be eye opening.  Tune in and you too can win with dogs!

Episode 33 - Adopt a Pet!!!

Today's show should inspire you dog lover's to spread the word about pet rescue and adoption! There are over 7 million shelter/rescue pets ready to be adopted each year, unfortunately almost half of them are put to death. That's over 3 million pets. Join me as I speak with Janice Brown, founder of Tails Magazine, and the force behind "Letters for Pets", a letter-writing initiative asking President Obama to issue a presidential proclamation declaring April 30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

Whether you want a specific breed or a mutt-mix, a puppy or an adult, I guarantee the right adoptable dog is out there for you. Take the time to impact and shift our current perspective on pets and get involved in this amazing campaign. Want more education on the subject (and many others)? Check out this podcast, or any of the links included, it's your chance to win with dogs!

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Episode 32 - Frankie the Walk n Roll Dog

Join me today as i speak with Barbara Techel. Barbara is proud mom to Frankie, and award-winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. Frankie suffers from a common disease in dachshunds called, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). After Frankie got fitted with a custom wheelchair, Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to educate others on animals living quality lives even if disabled, as well as help others face their challenges with a positive attitude. And so came about the delightful Frankie book series.

You will truly be inspired by all the joy Frankie and his family are bringing to hearts everywhere. Listen in as we discuss dogs with disabilities and the misconceptions that they are not fully active, involved, happy hounds. The choice is yours to win with dogs!

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Episode 31 - The Adventures of Sharkey Dog

Terriers are known busy bodies in the dog world.  Join me as I speak with Susan Stoltz, author of the Sharkey dog series, about the fabulous adventures of her fiesty terrier Sharkey.  We all know we can learn so much from our pups, Susan and Sharkey aim to present these learning moments to children with their wonderful book series.  The book series came about after a dreadful experience - Sharkey was victim of a pharmacist overdose and nearly lost her life.  After a battle with the court system, including all that goes with that, notably lawyers and insurance companies, Susan decided to put Sharkey's talents to good use helping dogs in need.  A percentage of the profits of Sharkey's books are donated to selected animal shelters.

Hop in on this discussion as we touch on subjects such as diversity, bullying, learning, sharing, fear, friendship and happiness. In addition, get some insight on how to awesome shelter dogs are, and how important it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle approach for your pup. Knowledge is power - get involved and you too can win with dogs!!

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Episode 30 - Get Fit! Eat Right! Live Long & Prosper!

Today's guest is Dr. Al Townshend, veterinarian extraordinaire! Dr. Al is a guest after Raquel's heart, obsessed with proper nutrition and consistent exercise. He diligently spreads his message to pup parents daily! Dr. Al is a contributing author to "Canine Sports Medicine" and he works closely with the dog athletes of the Iditarod (he even won the golden stethoscope award for his contributions to these fabulous canine athletes). We all know of the importance of proper nutrition and consistent exercise in our own lives, Dr. Al points out that the same goes for your pup!

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Episode 29 - Get in the Game! Be a Volunteer!

Listen to this week's episode of "Wynn with Dogs" and you may end up volunteering with your pup! Our guest is Nancy Stanley, animal therapy pioneer and author of the book, "Pillow with a Heartbeat". Her new book follows Truffles, her tiny, chocolate poodle, from adoption through finding his real purpose in life - sharing his unconditional love. Nancy and Truffles shed light on the rewards and benefits of pet love! Nancy and Truffles work with Make-a-Wish Foundation as well as Tender Loving Zoo (a non-profit organization which Nancy started in 1982).

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Episode 28 - Walk For A Cure!

This episode of "Wynn with Dogs!" features guest, Megan Blake, pet-lifestyle coach and host of PBS' Animal Attractions TV. Megan is an avid animal advocate whose mission is to help people integrate animals into their lives. Megan and her pup, Super Smiley, recently joined Luke Robinson and his two pups, Hudson and Murphy, on their 2000 mile walk across America raising awareness and money for canine cancer and research. One in four dogs will die of cancer! Not acceptable! Megan offers some fabulous insight on this episode. Listen in and win with dogs!!

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Episode 27 - The Causative Method of Training

Welcome to another exciting episode of "Wynn with Dogs!". This week’s guest is Jonathan Klein, LA based dog behaviorist. Jonathan has trained over 6000 dogs using the causative method of training. This method addressed the cause of behavior issues rather than the behavior itself, thus leading to lasting behavior changes. All of you listeners know that Raquel advocates consistent, patient, loving training rather than explosive, harsh, punishment driven training. Join us this week and get some insight from a dog trainer who is right up this alley.

Explore, with Jonathan and Raquel, why harsh, dominance modes of training can actually exacerbate bad behavior. Learn ways to build your dog's confidence! Tune in this week and get more wonderful tools that will help you win with dogs!

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Episode 26 - Great Scot!

Today is a fabulous day on Wynn With Dogs. Raquel will be speaking about a true rock star...the one and only Sadie, a 4-yr old Scottish terrier, and 2010 Best in Show winner at Westminster as well as the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. As you might have guessed, since Sadie cannot speak for herself, she will be speaking through AKC spokesperson, Lisa Peterson. Lisa is the director of club communications for the AKC and has spent over 25 years in the world of purebred dogs. She is an parent, breeder, and handler of purebred pups and has lots to say about Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot.

Sit back as Raquel talks to LIsa about what it takes to be the number one show dog in the country. No time like the present to Wynn with dogs!

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Episode 25 - Oh My Aching Bones!

Dogs, like humans, suffer from orthopedic issues, pain, and general body breakdown. Pain is often hard to diagnose, as our pups don't verbally communicate. Help your dog live a long pain-free life by taking proper measures: good quality organic foods, movement and hands-on work, love and communication, and vitamins! Preventive measures against body breakdown and pain are an invaluable part of a well-rounded longevity plan for your dogs. Listen in as Raquel speaks with Tamer Elsafy, CEO of Flexpet and proponent of a preventive health plan for your pup. Get the knowledge and Wynn with dogs!!!

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Episode 24 - Healing Touch

Raquel’s guest this week, Kimberly Gray, has been a driving force in introducing holistic health to a variety of humans and animals. Kimberly is the founder of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Healing Touch Program and is currently the coordinator of the Integrative Healthcare Program at Tampa General Hospital. Her 25 plus years experience as a registered nurse gives her a wonderfully physiological interpretation of healing touch. Her addition of massage therapy further expanded her view of the body. Listen in to this fascinating conversation of healing touch and explore the options we all have when it comes to the health of our pups. We all can win with dogs!!

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Episode 23 - Four Legs and a Soul!

Join Raquel as she speaks with animal communicator, reiki master, and natural horse woman, Brooke Baxter. Brooke is the founder of "Four Legs and a Soul", her healing practice devoted to bringing balance to our four legged companions, thus enhancing our connection with our furry friends. reiki, healing touch, massage, and aromatherapy, are just a few of the natural healing modalities that have certainly helped many a soul heal and achieve peace and balance. Integration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies makes for a harmonious, healing state of being. this harmony is vitally important to sustain a healthy, happy life.

Listen in as Brooke shares her experience and perspective...you will most certainly be able to apply some of Brooke’s fabulous knowledge and win with your dog!

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Episode 22 - Love Your Pup Right!

Tracy B Ann, dog trainer and host of radioshow, "The Politics of Dogs" on radiofreenashville.org, is Raquel's guest on this episode. Tracy's extensive experience with pups and their parents, as well as her background in animal communication and psychology make her perspective supremely interesting and informative. Healthy versus unhealthy love, pup speak, and mental stimulation tips are some of the topics discussed. Tune in, enjoy the show, and remember...we win with dogs! 

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Episode 21 - East Meets West!

Eastern and western medicine can coexist to make for a healthy, happy pup. Join Raquel as she speaks with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Marc Smith. Dr. Smith received his veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee, and further supplemented his education at the Chi institute of Chinese medicine. There are many ways to approach health and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and conventional western veterinary medicine both have a valid place. Listen in as we discuss, acupuncture, herbal therapy, qui-na, and a nutritional approach heavily guided by the energetic principals of food, termed food therapy. We all strive for balance, and each pup is different, certainly this episode will complement your pup’s unique recipe for health. Skeptics and believers...tune in and win with dogs!

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Episode 20 - Holy Holistic Health!

Holistic health is all about a preventive approach to longevity. Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint...consistency is much more important than intensity. This episode, Raquel speaks with holistic and medical doctor, Richard Aballay. While Dr. Aballay is a human doctor, his perspective on health and longevity can be aplied to our furry friends as well. We love to blend modalities! So listen in and broaden your perspective - a sure fire way to win with dogs! 

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Episode 19 - Communication Barkdown

Our dogs are constantly trying to communicate with us and this week's guest, animal communicator and author, Tim Link knows just what they are trying to say. Listen in to this weeks podcast as Raquel gets some inside info into the wonderful world of wag-speak. From finding lost pups to helping our sick dogs transition to the "other side", Tim has some fascinating insight. If you ever wanted to get perspective from a true professional on the topic of animal communication, now is your chance. Tune into "Wynn With Dogs", get the knowledge you need, and use it to improve your pup parent bond.

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Episode 18 - Get Back, You Bully!

No one likes a bully, especially our canine kids. Positive reinforcement, reward, and consistency, rather than dominance, punishment, and alpha-ing result in a much healthier relationship with our pups. Kat Martin, the best positive pup trainer in town, joins Raquel once again on “Wynn with Dogs!” Listen in as these lovely ladies chat about the dominance theory, and why they do not advocate this method of training.

You can have a well-behaved canine member of the family by establishing boundaries, rewarding good behavior, and interacting consistently in a loving manner with your dogs. No need for choke collars, spankings, or screaming matches with your fabulous furry friends. Get the knowledge and win with dogs!

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Episode 17 - Unlock Your Pup's Potential!

This week's guest is nutritional biochemist and former bodybuilder, Franco Cavaleri. A respected scientist and sought after expert on nutrition and wellness for both humans and hounds, Franco sheds some light on longevity for pups. Listen in as we discuss many things including Franco's fabulous new book, The Potential Within - Your Dog's Health. His perspective on canine health is fascinating, informative, and invaluable. Franco agrees that with a little effort and knowledge, we can win with dogs! 

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Episode 16 - How Smart Can Dogs Become??

Join me this week as I speak with Nicole R. Dorey. Nicole is a post-doctoral student and visiting assistant professor in the department of psychology at the University of Florida. I don’t know about you, but I have always wondered how much my dogs understand me. I think they understand quite a lot. Listen in as Nicole and I discuss the exciting findings at the canine cognition lab! Nicole and her fellow researchers test ordinary home based hounds to see just how much our dogs do interpret. Nicole is setting out to answer all sorts of questions about the abilities and behavior of our pup pals. Dogs rule. They are our best friends. A special thanks to Dr. Wynne, Nicole, the researchers, and the pup participants at the canine cognition lab ~ We all want to win with dogs!!

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Episode 15 - Canine Cancer Has No Place Here!

Cancer is a terrifying diagnosis for hounds and humans. Unfortunately, the number of pup parents that have to face this challenge is on the rise. Holistic health expert and author of “the Healing Art of Pet Parenthood”, Nadine M. Rosin, is this week’s guest and she agrees that canine cancer has no place in a happy hound’s home. Listen in as Nadine talks about the fascinating journey that she and her dog, Buttons experienced. This is Nadine’s true story about the human-animal bond, healing cancer holistically, senior canine care, and an empowering new take on the grieving process when a beloved animal passes away. Get the knowledge to win with dogs!

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Episode 14 - Barking Buddha Doga

Like no other creature, dogs show us unconditional love, trust, faith, and present moment awareness. According to Brenda Bryan, author of Barking Buddha, simple soul stretches for Yogi and Dogi; this is precisely why your pup is the perfect complement to your yoga practice. It’s not about getting your pup to join you in triangle pose, but allowing your dogs spirit to assist you in connecting with the divine. Listen in as Raquel and Brenda share love and gratitude for all the wonderful Dogis out there. Want to win in life and with dogs?? Then let dog be your copilot! 

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Episode 13 - Revolutionary Rover Rehab!

Massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, range of motion exercises...not for humans but for our dogs!! Discover the latest in pain management and canine rehabilitation as Raquel speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Kozak, MD, and CEO of the Canine Health Institute. In the words of Dr. Kozak, “whether you are a dog or a human, injuries and surgeries cause pain and inadequate pain relief delays and inhibits the recovery process. The same approaches used when caring for humans are available to diagnose and improve the quality of life for man’s best friend.” Here, here! We second that opinion!! Listen in on how to improve your pup’s longevity and win with dogs!

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Episode 12 - Get In Touch With Your Pup!

All bodies are made up of cells moving, nerve impulses firing, and energy flowing. Even though energy cannot be seen, it can in fact, be measured...and used for healing! Best of all, anyone can tap into this energy and use it for healing. Whether a novice or an experienced energy work practitioner, you will be sure to love this episode of “Wynn with Dogs”. Join Raquel as she talks with Nicole Wilde, author of the fabulous new book, Energy Healing for Dogs, Using Hands on Healing to Improve Canine Health and Behavior. Nicole is an experienced dog trainer, author, and reiki master, and she is full of fascinating information. Add more tools to your pup’s “health tool belt” and you too can win with dogs!

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Episode 11 - Oh! My Aging Pup

As pup parents, we all must deal with issues as our furry friends age. Regardless of the condition, the progress usually looks the same. The good days start to gradually diminish as well as the quality of our dog's life. How does one handle this? Simply by getting proactive. Reach out to others facing a similar situation. Seek out ways to enhance your pup's comfort. Learn about new modalities of healing. Work with your vet and do your best based on your situation. Listen to this episode of "Wynn With Dogs" and hear what Raquel is doing about Angus' aging issues and what you can do for your own aging pup. Remember, it's up to us to win with dogs!

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Episode 10 - Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs

Raquel speaks with veterinarian and author Nancy Kay about being an advocate for your dog with vet visits, vaccinations and general health. Tune in!

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Episode 9 - Be as Fit as Fido!

All dog lovers know that we can learn a thing or two from our furry friends. Dawn A. Marcus, MD, author of Fit as Fido, thinks we can learn how to be healthy, happy beings if we simply follow our dogs’ lead. That’s right, all we have to do is eat, play, sleep, and socialize just like our pups and we will be on our way to a healthier lifestyle. In fact, just having a dog around leads to lower blood pressure and cholesterol! Listen in as Raquel chats with Dr. Dawn about her background as a medical doctor; her approach to healthy living, inspired by her wheaten terrier, Wheatie; and her hot new book, Fit as Fido.

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Episode 8 - Breathe In, Breathe Out

Most of us dog lovers are quite aware of our pups mastery of non-verbal communication, but did you know that their expertise allows them to notice even the subtleties of our breath? It’s true! You will be amazed at how you can affect your pup’s demeanor with your breath. On this episode of “Wynn with Dogs”, Jonathan Rudinger, founder and president of petmassage.com and the International Association of Animal and Massage Bodywork (IAAMB) offers his perspective on the breathe, it’s magnitude, and the intricacies of human/canine non-verbal, hands-on communication. Jonathan is a foremost authority in the world of animal massage, he has written numerous books on pet massage and has been featured in various animal magazines. Please sit down, take some deep, belly breaths, and listen to this fascinating conversation.

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Episode 7 - Deciphering Your Dog’s Demeanor

Do you ever wonder what your pups are thinking? Chances are, they are showing us exactly what’s on their mind with their body language. Dogs, and humans, communicate non-verbally…if only we would pay attention! Listen in as Raquel chats with dog trainer and behaviorist, Kat Martin. Please our patient pups and learn how to decipher our dog’s body language. What can we discern by being aware of our canine’s non-verbal cues? What will watching the tail, eyes, ears, and fur tell us about our canine companions? A lot! Don’t miss this opportunity to brush up on your communication skills. Tune in to this episode and you too can win with dogs!

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Episode 6 - Senior Spot Revival

Enhance life for your elderly canine! Did you know that geriatric onset occurs in pups as young as 5 years old? This is too young! Often, arthritis and orthopedic issues hit our senior pups hard. In addition, physiological symptoms and body breakdown can manifest and create havoc for our furry, older friends. While we can’t stop the process of aging, we can diminish pain and provide comfort for our aging dogs. Create a favorable environment for that senior Spot in your life, and aging won’t be a no win situation. Listen in as Raquel talks about geriatric dog issues and what we can do about them. Life is a marathon, not a sprint…consistency, balance, and a gentle approach will help you win with your elderly dogs!!

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Episode 5 - No More Porky Pooch

Over 40% of all dogs are overweight. This excess bodyweight leads to a host of health problems for your pooch. Arthritis, immune system deficiencies, orthopedic issues, pain, allergies, and diabetes can be the result. There is hope! You can easily keep your pup’s weight in a comfortable range with consistency rather than intensity. Listen in as I talk nutrition, exercise, and canine wellness with Shauna Bryan, certified lifestyle coach to both humans and hounds. Get the skinny on the glycemic index of foods and watch the fat melt off your mutt. Get advice on feeding frequencies, exercise, and supplementation that will add years to your pup’s life. Shauna offers a host of worthwhile health tips for you and your pup! Best of all, her suggestions are easy to implement. So get on board and win with dogs!

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Episode 4 - Keep Fido Fit

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy hound. Obesity, anxiety, depression, and immune system inefficiencies are all exacerbated by lack of movement. There are many ways to keep your mutt moving – walks, fetch, tug-o-war, and stretching all provide systemic stimulation for your dog. Want more options? How about a doggy treadmill? We’re going to talk to Paul of Jog A Dog, a canine treadmill is engineered to exacting standards derived from thirty years of research and innovation. Listen in as I discuss fido-robics and get involved with your pup’s health.

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Episode 3 - Point and Heal

Hey pup-parents! Would you like to help your pup stay balanced, calm, and happy for life? Want to ensure minimal pain as your pooch ages? Are you looking for a pup-parent bond that is bountiful and rewarding? All of these goals are attainable by getting in touch with your pup, keeping up with his body, and exploring hands-on modalities of healing. Join me as I discuss one fabulous modality, acupressure, with Amy Snow. Amy, together with Nancy Zidonis, founded the Tallgrass Institute of Animal Acupressure as well as the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage. Tune in and win with dogs!

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Episode 2 - Feed Fido Right!

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy dog. With so many opinions and options out there concerning canine nutrition, how can you be sure you are feeding Fido right? After years of research and one special chocolate lab, rudy green, Karla Haas, decided to take matters into her own hands and create a fabulous line of delicious doggy meal enhancers, aptly named Rudy Green’s. Tune in to this episode as we explore proper nutrition for our pup pals.

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Episode 1 - Introduction To Wynn With Dogs

Join Raquel Wynn for the inaugural episode of Wynn With Dogs. Raquel will be discussing what you can expect from her show, as well as offering some simple steps to guide you and your pup along the path of healthy living. Listen in as Raquel explains two crucial steps to health, 1) establishing and maintaining a “canine baseline” and 2) avoiding “dirty dog syndrome”. Let’s bring our hound’s health into the light and get the knowledge to win with dogs.

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