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Wynn With Dogs!Raquel Wynn, host of Wynn With Dogs

Raquel Wynn
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Dr. Al Townshend on Pet Life Radio

Dr. Al Townshend


Today's guest is Dr. Al Townshend, veterinarian extraordinaire!  Dr. Al is a guest after Raquel's heart, obsessed with proper nutrition and consistent exercise.  He diligently spreads his message to pup parents daily!  Dr. Al is a contributing author to "Canine Sports Medicine" and he works closely with the dog athletes of the Iditarod (he even won the golden stethoscope award for his contributions to these fabulous canine athletes).  We all know of the importance of proper nutrition and consistent exercise in our own lives, Dr. Al points out that the same goes for your pup!

What does a dog need for health and longevity?  How much exercise does a pup need?  How can I start feeding my dog right?  All these questions and more are addressed here today.  Take the time and invest in your dog's health.  Your pup parent bond will surely flourish.  Take on a new challenge and win with your dog!!

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