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Putting Some Bite Into Healthy Teeth

Diane Jansey

Diane Jansey

Teeth cleaning and probiotics for dogs? Are we serious?  Exactly how to get your reluctant dog or cat or your easy going puppy to love teeth brushing.  Diane Jansey has been looking after dogs’ mouths for over 30 years- she’s a canine nutritionist and dental hygienist plus she knows how to breed and show to win.  What to do with a Bichon, Maltese or any type of dog that greets with a piddle puddle?  Pumpkin, mango and other health food items your dogs will love plus how to introduce these foods to your pets’ diet.  Deborah asks Diane her opinion on the move away from tail docking and ear cropping.  Diane explains how probiotics work for dogs under stress and how probiotics plus digestive enzymes can stop dogs from eating dog poop.

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