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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
Award Winning Radio and T.V. Host

Why do Cats Bury their Poop?

Caroline Coile..........

Caroline Coile

Deborah asks Caroline Coile the most common questions she gets when on tour plus her own questions too; Are some cats gay?  Do cats masturbate? Facts about the cat penis.   What is the cat purr all about?   Do cats hate car rides?  Are cats bothered by sound pollution?   Cats hear better and see better in most ways than dogs but their sense of smell though worse than dogs. Caroline explains the amazing facts of cat vision and contrasts the cat to its fellow mammals.   Do cross eyed cats see okay?   Can cats count? Is catnip like pot?   Deborah adds to the discussion with information on dogs and large cats, Hans the horse, and Caroline gives you the most interesting science behind the cat and how experiments are structured to test pets and babies for abilities. 

Are some feline breeds smarter than others?   Deborah tells you how to teach your dog or any dog how to accept cats and learn not to chase and bug them.  Deborah complains about the myth that all cats are like high-strung snobby women and all dogs are like easygoing guys and Caroline responds with her experience of dogs, cats, men and women.   Her most loyal pet that would be most likely to come to her rescue was a cat- not a dog -explains Caroline who went swimming as a girl with her cats following and waiting for her on the beach.  Deborah talks about two cats she knows who hitch rides.  Advice on car trips with cats.    Test your own cats to see if they will sympathetically yawn with you like dogs and people.

Deborah tells you how to smile at your cat to say hello in cat talk.   Description of great new drug finally available for cats with recurring infections like constantly runny nose, bubbly saliva, constant sneezing where you can get one injection and the drug keeps working instead of needing to treat twice a day for weeks.  Caroline shares a cat trick you can teach your cat at home.  Cat agility is the new sport to watch.  Cats trump all other mammals when it comes to sport.  Deborah tells you how to make a cat friendly garden and how to make a garden that repels cats.  The most popular home remedy formula for getting rid of skunk smell is inside the book.

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