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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
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..Cats vs Dogs!

Dr. Stanley Coren  on Pet Life Radio ............... Darlene Arden

Dr. Stanley Coren...........................Darlene Arden


Are you a dog lover who barely tolerates cats? Or maybe you are a cat lover who finds dogs terribly messy.  This show will give you ammunition for water cooler, or cocktail party arguments about which is better Rover or Kitty.  Then again the Professor tells us there are three types of people; the cats only people, the dogs only people and the cats & dogs people who love both the felines and the canines like Deborah does.  Whatever your camp this show will teach you something about both cats and dogs while you enjoy a funny, lively debate between experts.   Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor and Author of ‘Intelligence of Dogs’ is barking for the dogs while Darlene Arden, author of ‘The Complete Cat’s Meow’ will be meowing for the cats with your host Deborah Wolfe sitting on the fence as moderator and stirring up trouble like the cat on the fence with the dogs sitting below-.  Maybe there aren’t any ‘Seeing Eye cats, but cats can work.

You can find more shows with these two experts separately if you scroll back through the animal party.  These two are among Deb’s favorite guests because they are informative and great fun.

You can also link to them through Deborah Wolfe, Pet Expert on Facebook where you’ll see lots of cute pics of the latest litter of Red Standard Poodle puppies now for sale at 10 weeks.  You can see their birth too by going to

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