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..It's A Pajama Party!

Stacy Mantle on Pet Life Radio..........

Stacy Mantle..................... ...

It’s a pajama party with editor Stacy Mantle from .  Of course it’s pet pajamas all around at this animal party.  Get Stacy’s best holiday gift picks and Deb’s homemade and garage sale suggestions for easy pet gifting.   Try the recipe on the Pets Weekly site and make a pet lover you know very happy. Deb delivers the pet safety tips you need to keep your pets safe over the holidays plus training tips to keep your guests happy and your pets on their ‘nice’ list.  Here’s a free clip on how to get kids and dogs to play safely along with 9 other Deborah Wolfe training clips on YouTube plus of course Dogs Gone Wild.    

If you like seeing funny doggy and kitty clips then check out Deborah Wolfe, pet expert on Facebook and Camp Good Dog on Facebook where you’ll see lots of cute, cuddly and funny photos and clips plus some good information.   Pet jewelry, gps tags for dogs, cat modular furniture, bison treats and emergency aids like dehydrated supplies of pet food and the is it too hot in here doggie car thermometer which may save the day.  A big thank you to On Side Restoration and Intact Insurance for dealing with the flood and a reminder to everyone to stay safe with pet holiday tips.   Deborah and Stacy talk about the pet tour and Deborah offers to go on the road again with the Bad Dog Tour. If you know a pet fair or function.. a stage, radio program or tv show let us know and Deborah Wolfe will bring the Bad Dog tour to your town.  We’ll run contests to get our ‘baddest dogs in town’ and then Deborah will train them plus they’ll win prizes of course. (Sunny hot places preferred).

And  as always, if you have a stubborn dog problem or cat issue please email Deborah so she can help you solve your pet problem. Happy New Year to you and your pets.

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