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Deborah Wolfe
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Dog Politics

Pete Fry   on Pet Life Radio..........

Pete Fry ..................... ...

'Bring your Friends, your dogs, your guitars, Drums.... to the Rally at Vancouver City Hall'  reads the Facebook notice telling people to get out and bark for change.  Pete Fry (from the Green Party, running for election next weekend, in Vancouver, B.C. Canada) joins us to talk about a rally to strengthen the local laws so that tied up dogs are no longer permitted.  Deborah and Pete discuss when tying a dog is okay or even advisable and when its cruelty and how the laws must change. Other topics included  park use, and dog owners vs. non dog owners conflicts plus how mental illness can factor into cruelty against animals. 

Radio Host, Deborah Wolfe owner of Camp Good Dog, a boarding and training kennel is Maple Ridge, B.C. services dogs of the Vancouver area and suburbs with pick up and drop off door to door and training.   Deborah hosts radio shows every week and keeps her paw on the pet news reporting to you what matters. Wolfe brings you experts and guests to answer your pet questions and give you the new information you and your pets love and need.   Check out Camp Good Dog Facebook to see the happy dog campers of Vancouver out having fun on the fully fenced farm, or see for more tips and pics.

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I was born in Ireland, and grew up in Vancouver. My teenage years were largely influenced by the art, punk and club scenes - all of which had a profound influence on my life: from my early freelance work illustrating gig posters, to community activism, to over 25 years of AIDS related volunteer work.

In 1988, I dropped out of SFU to start an art/publishing business, and since that time have been mostly self-employed in art and design. I was fortunate to begin my career on the cusp of graphic design's shift from binary to digital; and went from cutting ruby lith, burnishing letraset and pasting up halftones to designing fonts and vector graphics on a computer — a then-cutting-edge skill that earned me the nickname Pete Digiboy, a moniker that has stuck with me to this day. 

As a designer I've worked in a variety of sectors over the past 20-something years: From government and non-profit, to independent music, to major record labels, weekly newspapers, political activism, print production, retail, hospitality, real estate, travel and countless small businesses. I provide a range of services including but not limited to branding and design, strategic direction and planning, copywriting, information design and art direction. I work extensively with the Adobe Creative Suite, and I develop web content management systems with both Drupal (THIS SITE) and Word Press. 

Since the early 1980's I've lived in the various neighborhoods of the area now known as the DTES. Today, I live in Strathcona with my wife, dog, and two cats. We enjoy a car free lifestyle, making art, building community, entertaining friends, and hosting the occassional foreign student.



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