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Deborah Wolfe
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Brainy Breeds – The Intelligence Of Dogs

Dr. Stanley Coren ..........

Dr. Stanley Coren

Deborah welcomes Professor and Author Dr. Stanley Coren to give you the highlight lecture, the cram session notes on the  ‘Intelligence of Dogs’.

Deborah begins the show with animal news; Goat Canucks Goat? Deborah becomes a hockey fan finally after years of resistance. A three year old girl survives a cougar attack when her mom jumps in between and beats the cougar; Cougar safety for humans and pets.  Listen to this show to find out who the dumbest and smartest breeds are.  Is it an insult to get called an Afghan? What about a Poodle, a Doberman, Boxer, Golden or Bulldog? The Professor describes three types of dog intelligence and explains why some dogs can be so smart at some things like lure chasing (hunting) and yet clueless at Obedience training class.   How does your dog’s intelligence compare with your child?   Dr. Coren explains that all dogs can learn what we need from them but that sometimes knowing the breed’s intelligence helps owners understand how long it will take to teach them.  Deborah and the Professor chat about dogs, dogs, dogs and how the different dogs think and learn.  Do dogs pull guilt trips on their owners?  The answer may surprise you. 

Transcript will be available shortly.

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