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Pilots N Paws

Kate Quinn  on Pet Life Radio..........

Kate Quinn ..................... ...

Deborah Wolfe interviews Kate Quinn  about Pilots volunteering to fly homeless rescue animals to families who want them.

Sometimes there is a crushing pet population problem which seems unsolvable yet has a common sense solution like sometimes there are homeless animals in one place and homes for them in another far away place and the animals suffer or get euthanized while families that want them go without.  Then along came Pilots N Paws and the idea that a pilot flying somewhere for business or pleasure with some space in the plane could take the dog or cat from where it is unwanted in a shelter situation to a home that is ready and waiting using a network of volunteer drivers and  short stay layover foster homes and pilots to get the trip done.

Pilots can benefit from the tax deduction status of the organization to claim and deduct costs of trips and training trips for pilots-in-training including fuel.  This is such a smart idea for the pilots and the pets and the pet people too.  Volunteer drivers, short stay foster homes for layovers, and pilots wanted.  Check out their website to see these real life pet heroes like the 13 year old and the 80  something pilot who both fly 'Pet Missions'  plus the 5000 other jet plane and small planet pilots whose numbers are growing.

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Kate Quinn began volunteering with Pilots N Paws at the launch of the organization in February 2008. Spring 2012, Kate began her new role as executive director where she designs, develops, and implements strategic plans to grow Pilots N Paws, which includes a focus on fundraising and social media.
As a child, Kate had aspirations of one day becoming a veterinarian.
A 2008 graduate of Miami University, Kate earned degrees in business, entrepreneurship, and American studies. In 2010 she graduated from Georgetown University with a master’s degree in journalism. While in DC, Kate served as a congressional intern.

Pilots N Paws was founded in 2008 by animal-lover Debi Boies and pilot Jon Wehrenberg. The idea first took flight when Jon agreed to help Debi by flying a rescued Doberman from Florida to South Carolina, to save the dog’s life. The trip was a success and the two brainstormed on how to rescue other animals. Spay/Neuter campaigns in parts of the country were working, while in others parts, primarily in the south, pet overpopulation was still a huge problem. There had to be a way to turn a problem into a solution. Former pets were dying needlessly. They needed transport.

The dream quickly became a reality when the website, was launched, to provide a location where private pilots willing to provide free transport, and people and organizations who rescue, shelter or foster animals, could connect to save lives. Today the organization has reached more than 5,000 pilot volunteers and more than 12,000 volunteers.

Each year, the volunteers of Pilots N Paws save thousands of lives. Those lives come in the form of any animal that can be transported using a plane. Dogs, cats, pigs, reptiles and rabbits are just a few who have taken one of our flights.

Pet overpopulation is a disturbing problem in the United States. More than 4 million no-longer-wanted pets are euthanized each year. While spay/neuter programs have worked to decrease domestic animal populations in some parts of the country, other areas are considered high-kill. A staggering 70% of dogs that enter shelters in the southern part of the country are euthanized. Until now, there have been few options for these innocent victims. Pilots N Paws is helping to change that.

Pilots N Paws

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