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Deborah Wolfe
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..A Glowing Recommendation for the Holidays!

Kristen Smith on Pet Life Radio..........

Kristen Smith..................... ...

Deb Wolfe gives safety tips and holiday manners & training tricks for the holidays. Check out Deborah Wolfe on YouTube to see clips you can copy. Kristen Smith from joins the party to talk about the Glow for Good Ball and all the good work its doing for autism therapy dogs, comfort, military and illness detection dogs. Plus Deb’s favorite the very strong chew toy that looks just like a Christmas bulb.   

Do you know what the most common pet emergency Christmas and New Years Day? Listen to this show and your holiday will be safer for you and your pets and maybe easier for your non-pet loving guests too. Find a cute photo of the Christmas bulb along with a safety to do list on the Deborah Wolfe, Pet Expert Facebook Page, and while you are there, check out the Camp Good Dog Facebook group to see our latest doggie campers from the city decked out in Christmas costumes enjoying play on the farm. We’re expecting snow tonite; Dogs love snow!

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