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A new Pet Life Radio host with a new spin... a little of THIS and a lot of THAT...
a fun and interesting mix of EVERYTHING PET!  Hoping to add to my listeners' interest with FUN & DIVERSE talk... from  the odd to the "I didn't know that"!

I love Animals & have strong Passionate Opinions.  My show will be about our forever friends, from the bond to the real deal when we give our heart away.  As this is all NEW for me I welcome comments & suggestions.

I ask for your patience as I get my sea legs...  Email me at: Cheryl@petliferadio.com & like my  Facebook  Page (post your pet selfies) Unleashed Radio Show with Cheryl Kaye.


Episode 15 -

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Episode 14 - Welcome My New Co-Host Geri, and Longtime Dear Friend

The gift of gab flows. Get to hear about our new member as we discuss our animals and experiences.  Expect to be delighted with our opinions and antics. We live life unleashed. 

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Episode 13 - On the Road with Spot & Fluffy

Being prepared when setting out on trips with our pets, the must haves and should haves to keep our pets safe. Co-hosted with Michelle Fern from the popular show Best Bets for Pets.

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Episode 12 - Cheryl and Michelle – It’s Training Cats and Dogs!

Listen to the witty banter of Cheryl Kaye and her guest Michelle Fern as they discuss the difference between cats and dogs and how to teach fur kids to behave when guests visit.  They are always a lot of laughs - don't miss this episode!

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Episode 11 - Back in the Saddle

So happy to be back from my eye surgeries.  Recovery is best with a pet at home. How many of us can't wait to get home and relax with our dogs or cats?

This time off taught me how our Animals bring us comfort,  either from a hard day at work or how we feel the comfort of their just being there. But judging how we are greeted when we get home we bring them comfort also.  Our pets are perfect partners.

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Episode 10 - Joy Unleashed

Author Jean Baur joins Cheryl to talk about her very special Bella the Unlikely Therapy Dog.  Great insight into what it takes to train a dog for this special mission, and how Bella is making her new friends feel love.

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Episode 9 - What Color is your Dog?

Joel Silverman, animal behaviorist & celebrity trainer shares his training techniques using Bil-Jac treats. And what does Santa drive?  The secrets out!

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Episode 8 - Pet Peeves

Today's topics include Unlocking the DNA of Dogs.  How they have evolved to be our most devoted. of friends. Pet Peeves... theirs and ours.  Can we change?  Can they?

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Episode 7 - The Razzle Dazzle of Choosing Your Child's First Pet

Each breed of Dog .Highlighting whether fish or fowl or rabbit.  The most expensive breeds of dogs. and the care they might need down the path.  Housekeeping, personal tidbits and opinions.

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Episode 6 - Company Coming...

Kim Gaebelein, Senior Marketing Director at Bil-Jac Foods, joins us in a fun show talking about our pet's waistline.& ways to keep our dogs slim & healthy. Plus... my new favorite cat & dog picks for this month.  Join us!

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Episode 5 - Smorgasbord... with a Fork & Spoon

Today's show talks about our older dog's health & how a 2 dog household is the new norm... great for our pets & great for the family.  The highlight today is on the coyote - its survival, history & where they are.  A truly fascinating animal....

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Episode 4 - Potluck for Brunch

This show discusses our pet peeves, Daniel Boone's bad hair days and more. Resident guest Michelle Fern joins in the talk of untrained pets & the duty to SHHH a barking dog. The back & forth is fun times in the booth as both hosts talk, dog, & cat stories. What color is your dog and should there be a color club? Tune in for this fun episode.

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Episode 3 - Late For Supper

Today's show is a Potpourri:  Some pet peeves mixed with the topic of our pet cemeteries, sprinkled with the menagerie of animals who lived high on the hog at the St. Regis Hotel in the early 1900's... mixed with a salad. Of dog park antics...  making for a fun buffet of talk!  ENJOY!

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Episode 2 - Toes Dipping into the Pool of Radio... One Digit at a Time

Unleashed opinions of rescue, memories of  my pet family past & present.

Guest Michelle Fern & I go one on one about our family pets, fixing our pets, & keeping them safe.

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Episode 1 - Political Pets - The 400 Who Roamed The White House Halls

Stop in to hear how our party  leaders opened their hearts and OUR  house  to the many different types of loyal pets from the animal kingdom.  From the wild to the tame... what does it say about who sits in the Oval Office.  Think which pet you would want if you ruled... the House.  Let's see how unleashed they were!

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