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Arden Moore
The Pet Edu-Tainer
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Multi-talented Entertainer Roslyn Kind Sings and Talks About Her Dog, Josh, Her Sister, Barbra Streisand and More!

Roslyn Kind on Pet Life Radio........

..Roslyn Kind ...........................

Get ready to laugh and to feel wonderful. The energizing and charismatic Roslyn Kind treats listeners to a very special Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio. Rozzie tells host Arden Moore about her inspirational Yorkie named Josh, what life was like growing up in Brooklyn with her older sister, Barbra Streisand and why she is a major advocate for charities and groups dedicated to pets, children and those with Alzheimer’s Disease. And, yes, she sings on the show! Brava, Rozzie! You are grrr-eat!

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Josh Kind on Pet Life Radio

Josh Kind

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