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Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life RadioMichelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life Radio

Michelle Fern

Dazzle Dog Delight & High Hopes For Pets Dog Treats

Warm Hearts and Peace Signs Dog Sweater on Pet Life Radio........High Hopes For Pets Dog Treats on Pet Life Radio

..Dazzle Dog Delight.......................High Hopes For Pets



Michelle Fern welcomes Joy Randel from Dazzle Dog Delight, to talk about their many products including the Warm Hearts and Peace Signs Dog Sweater.  East Side Collection Warm Hearts and Peace Signs Sweaters are soft and comfortable dog sweaters with a colorful design of hearts and peace signs.  A sweater that's as warm and welcoming as its message of peace and love. Stretchy, form-fitting sweater features a high-cut, stay dry design with a leash hole on back and rear leg straps for a secure fit.In the second half of the show Michelle talks to Paula Etchison from High Hopes For Pets Dog Treats….Homemade, bite-sized, cupcake treats  will make your dog’s tail wag with joy!   High Hopes™ is made by Good Squared, LLC, a new company located in Chicago, Illinois, a small company of pet lovers who care about doing the right thing and doing good for the community.  They believe that business should do something good to help those who are less fortunate. That's why they donate 3.5% from every sale (up to 15% of the company's profits) of every product everyday to The High Hopes for Pets Foundation — a separate, not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to help local shelters and animal organizations care and find homes for pets everywhere. With your help, it can add up to millions of dollars each year.Questions or Comments? Send them to:


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