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Sassy SeniorsKelly Jackson, host of Sassy Seniors  on Pet Life Radio

Kelly Jackson

From Muttville to France

Sherri Franklin on Pet Life Radio ........Sherry Long on Pet Life Radio

..Sherri Franklin .............................Sherry Long


Host Kelly Jackson takes you on a tour of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and it's founder, Sherri Franklin.  Franklin founded Muttville, based in San Francisco, CA, to help find loving homes for senior pets.  Franklin talks to Kelly about Muttville's mission, the organization's big milestone last summer and yes...even an Oprah connection.

Then we travel to France a place where author Sherry Long and her pooch, Chula, know all too well.  Ever traveled with your pet?  How about to another country?  Long has written a delightful book called Dog Trots Globe - To Paris and Provence.  For the last three years in April, Chula has globe trotted with her family to France.

Even though Chula is now 11, the senior dog doesn't let anything get in her way of enjoying the City of Lights.  Long talks about pet friendly and not-so-pet friendly parts of the country. Tips for flying to another country with a pet and whether pets can actually be bi-lingual!

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