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Sassy SeniorsKelly Jackson, host of Sassy Seniors  on Pet Life Radio

Kelly Jackson

Wolf Dog: Film About New York City's Oldest Dog

Bernadine Santistevan   on Pet Life Radio ........

..Bernadine Santistevan ................................


Paco Sosa held the title of NYC's oldest dog until he died in February of 2010. Paco was so much more than a beloved pet and companion of Bernadine Santistevan when he passed away at the age of 20 1/2 years old.

Kelly talks with Santistevan about the life and death of Paco and how the former venture capitalist turned director made a film about Paco.  It's a story with emotional twists and turns.   The film, Wolf Dog, is still a project in the making and is in collaboration with Emmy and Oscar-nominated artists. The biggest roadblock, as is often in many indie films, is the financing.  Santistevan has until December 6th to raise funds so she can finish the film. You can see a snippet of the film and perhaps make a donation. Once the film is finished, Santistevan plans to use Wolf Dog to increase awareness about the undeniable bond we have with our pets as well as fund animal causes.

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