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Super Smiley on Pet Life RadioCynthia Waldenmaier  on Pet Life Radio

Cynthia Waldenmaier
Interior Design Hound


Living in Style with the BIG Dogs & Artistic Hounds

Susie Wilber on Pet Life Radio ...............

Susie Wilber

We’re going to dispel the myth that you can’t live is style and share your life with a pack of BIG Dogs… Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier discusses living with Bulls in a china shop with her guest Susie Wilber

Susie is an Interior Designer, Artistic Hound, Dog lover and the founder of The Laughing Dog Gallery in Vero Beach, Florida.  Her gallery was awarded the prestigious Top Retailer of American Craft by NICHE magazine, and as a licensed Interior Designer in Florida Susie has completed numerous commercial and residential projects, several having received national publication.

Don’t consider yourself an Artistic Hound?  Susie will help you unleash your inner design animal and creativity as she shares her tips for living a pack of Dogs in style!

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