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Cynthia Waldenmaier
Interior Design Hound


London’s Calling -- and They Have a Canine Accent!

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery on Pet Life Radio ...............

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

Did you know we’re experiencing a British invasion?  It’s true…their paw prints can be seen all over the world of home décor, fashion and art. Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier explores one of the hippest, Dog friendly areas in New York where the Brits recently landed.   

As our guide & special guest, Laurie Carroll paints a picture of the New York neighborhood she explores daily with her rescued Dog.  Laurie’s Dog accompanies her to work where she is the Director of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery; the first of its kind outside of London.  Join us as Laurie Carroll discusses the kennel of Artistic Hounds represented by Rebecca Hossack, shares her tips for displaying art and tells us the details of the recent New York opening of the celebrated British collage artist Peter Clark’s Hot Dogs! 

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