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Super Smiley on Pet Life RadioCynthia Waldenmaier  on Pet Life Radio

Cynthia Waldenmaier
Interior Design Hound


Blueprints for a Designer Dog, The Animal Blueprint Company

Robert Redding  on Pet Life Radio ...............

Animal Blueprint Company

Animal Blueprint Company on Pet Life Radio

Tune in to this episode of Decorating Tails as host and Interior Design Hound Cynthia Waldenmaier joins guest Robert Redding to discuss Designing Dogs.  The California Architect and Graphic Designer is the Founder of the Animal Blueprint Company, where his original drawings of Dogs are turned into retro architectural blueprints!   

The Animal Blueprints have been a hit with Dog lovers and Interior Design Hounds who have been using Robert’s artwork to add a special Canine accent to their homes & projects across the Country.

Join us as Robert discusses the inspiration for the Animal Blueprint Company, his design process and his most interesting clients.


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