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Donna Hailson

Allergies and the CritterZone

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In this episode, Donna adds a third installment to her occasional series on Threats to Pets. In earlier episodes, we heard from veterinary toxicologist Sharon Gwaltney-Brant and San Antonio veterinarian Rae Dishinger about dangers associated with external and internal parasites; infectious diseases; insects, wildlife; plants; and toxins.

Donna's guest today is Bill Converse, founder of Air Restore, Inc. and inventor of the Critter Zone Air Purifier. Bill's invention was recently awarded a first place among new products at the Super Zoo National Show for Pet Retailers held in Las Vegas.

In the first half of this episode, Bill helps us understand pet allergies and human allergies to pets. Addressed are a number of questions. What causes allergies? What are some of the airborne irritants that especially give us trouble? What percentage of pets and humans suffer from allergies? Why are some individuals prone to allergies and others not? What are the symptoms of allergies in pets and how do veterinarians determine what allergens are the problem causers? What happens in the body when an allergen attacks? Do pets suffer from seasonal allergies as humans do? What about viruses? Can dogs and cats catch the flu or the common cold? Can pets become hypersensitive to airborne particles when kept in the house all the time? And what are the allergen concerns particular to RV travel? In the latter half of the program, Bill explains how new developments in ionic technology may help to naturalize the air within our homes, vehicles and other contained spaces knocking out such irritants as dander and dust and breaking down odors around litter pans, cages and aquariums.

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