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The Pawsitive Partners Prison Program

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In this week's episode, the focus is on the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program, which is operated under the umbrella of Monty's Home, a North Carolina-based organization that was inspired into being by the love and generous spirit of Monty, a dearly loved therapy dog and canine star who brought sunshine into the lives of many. After Monty succumbed to cancer, his human companion, Barb Raab, created an organization in his memory and today, through Monty's Home, sunshine continues to be shed on dogs and human beings through efforts like the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program.

We learn how dogs are selected from kill shelters to undergo training in preparation for adoption into permanent homes. We hear how, after passing through a 19-test evaluation, each new "class" of dogs moves into the Pender Correctional Institution in Burgaw where they are trained by specially-screened inmates over a period of eight weeks. Upon graduation, the dogs go home to their adoptive families. Pawsitive Partners is credited with not only saving the lives of canines but saving the lives of humans as  well.

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Pawsitive Partners on Pet Life Radio

In May of 2008, Monty’s Home received state approval to start its first Pawsitive Partners Prison Program (PPPP), in conjunction with a local correctional facility – the first companion dog prison program in Southeastern North Carolina!

The state generously provided funds to build kennels at the correction facility, BUT Monty’s Home assumes all other costs associated with the program – veterinary bills, grooming supplies, food, toys, bedding, leashes, collars, treats – all expenses associated with proper canine care and training. This important program is totally staffed by volunteers and exists only THROUGH YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS!

After temperament evaluation and heartworm testing, trainers select five dogs from a local shelter.  They are then spayed/neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped before entering the Pawsitive Partners Prison Program.

Living at the facility with their specially screened inmate-trainers, the dogs go through an eight-week training course.  Inmates, under the guidance of Monty’s Home volunteer trainers, train the dogs in basic obedience and household manners. After graduation, the wonderfulness starts again for five more dogs!

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Pawsitive Partners Prison Program

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