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On the Road to Best In Show -
The Life of a Conformation Dog Show Champion

Terry Patton ........

..Terry Patton & James



Some might consider conformation dog shows nothing more than "beauty pageants" for dogs, but that description does this long standing and popular sport a tremendous disservice.  The fact is, next to the Kentucky Derby, the Westminster Dog show is the oldest, continuous sporting event held in the United States.  Each breed of dog has a standard, and in conformation dog shows, each dog is judged individually on how closely he or she matches the breed standard.  Conditioning, training and preparing a dog for a show career takes time, diligence and patience.... and it starts before the dog is even bred!  Come learn all about this sport with a history steeped deep in tradition with our guest Terry Patton of Felicity English Springer Spaniels and breeder and owner of Ch. Felicity's Diamond Jim, aka "James," winner of the coveted Westminster Best in Show title in 2007. 

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