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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Angel Lyn - Young, Smart Dalmatian Seeks Outdoorsy, Athletic Human

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Susan Daffron talks to Vicki Korobkin from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, D.C. about Angel Lyn, a Dalmatian mix that is available for adoption. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue transports pets from high-kill shelters in North and South Carolina and helps find them new homes in the greater D.C. area. Although no one is sure exactly what breed of dog Angel Lyn is mixed with, she is about the size of a Dalmatian and is all white except for cute black Dalmatian spots on her ears.

Angel Lyn is about 4 years old and like most Dalmatians, she has a lot of energy and love to play. If you've ever wanted a jogging buddy or a dog to go on hikes with, Angel Lyn would be a great dog to add to your family. Although Angel Lyn hasn't had much formal obedience training yet, she does know how to sit and is obviously extremely smart and eager to please. She would do extremely well in canine sports like agility or flyball. If you want to make Angel Lyn a part of your family, you won't be disappointed; she will be a loyal friend, companion and an amazing exercise partner too.

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