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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Goldie - A Former Racehorse
Who Needs a New Home

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Susan Daffron talks to Jo Deibel, the founder of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in Glenville, PA about a horse named Goldie. Angel Acres focuses on saving Thoroughbreds who can no longer race and are destined to be slaughtered for meat for human consumption in other countries. The rescue give these ex-racehorses a second chance and a second career by finding them new homes. Goldie, a 6-year old bay gelding was saved by being purchased at auction, so he wouldn't go to slaughter. At the time, he was bleeding from the backs of his ankles. This type of problem is known as a "run-down" injury. It occurs when the horse is run on the track and his ankles (fetlocks) hit the track causing abrasions.

In other words, Goldie was literally "run into the ground." Fortunately, Goldie is doing extremely well and his wounds are almost completely healed. By the time he's adopted, he will be sound and ready for a new rider. Although Jo calls him a "pistol," she means it as a term of endearment because he has such a great personality. Goldie is a kind horse who loves peppermints, so he might just take his velvet nose and nuzzle around for one. He has no bad habits to speak of and has been good about having his bandages changed every day. Goldie is still young, and could be trained for almost any discipline. The person who adopts this horse will be rewarded with a wonderful equine companion for years to come.

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