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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Julian - A Gorgeous Orange
Tabby Who Is Full of Love

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Susan Daffron talks to Jani Spiby from The Cat Posse in Burbank CA about a cat named Julian who is available for adoption. Julian is a male orange tabby who has undergone an amazing physical transformation thanks to the Cat Posse. He was found by a feral cat colony caretaker who trapped him and took him to the vet. Julian obviously wasn't feral, but he was quite sick. He had a terrible case of mange and a deep infected wound, which had been caused by his scratching. It took quite a bit of skin care treatment and even surgery to fix a problem with his eyelashes, but now he is a gorgeous, healthy cat.

During his veterinary adventures, Julian was also tested for FIV, and came up positive. However, contrary to popular opinion, cats with FIV can live a long and healthy life and live with other compatible cats without any problem. In fact, FIV-positive cats can live into their teens, just like any other cat that is taken care of well. Julian is an extremely friendly and loveable cat. Although he's not exactly a "lap cat" he does love to be around people and is extremely social. Consider giving this sweet orange boy a second chance at a great life. After what he's been through, he certainly deserves it!

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