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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Johnny Walker and Tiffany - Two Sleek, Sassy, Social Black Cats

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Susan Daffron talks to Christine Michaels from Riverfront Cats in Florida about two cats named Johnny Walker and Tiffany who are available for adoption as a pair. Riverfront Cats, located in downtown Miami, has seen an explosion of homeless felines. Christine rescued both these cats as kittens from a nearby colony, though neither one is feral. They were probably dumped or strays who had a home at one time; they love the cushy indoor life at their foster home with Christine. As Christine points out, contrary to popular myth, most black cats actually aren't "scaredy cats" at all and are extremely social. And Johnny Walker and Tiffany are no exception.

Johnny Walker is about a year and a half old and extremely people-friendly. He loves laps and even is willing to go to the store on a leash. Tiffany is a small petite female, about a year old, who loves to play. Both cats are pure black and Christine hopes someone will adopt them together, since they already enjoy each other's company. In fact, because it's "Black is Back" month, Christine is offering a two for one adoption fee, along with a gift basket including his/her pet bowls, a food mat, a bag of premium dry cat food, a stack of premium canned moist food, new toys, the book 50 Games to Play with your Cat and a bottle of Coppola wine.
Johnny Walker and Tiffany would make wonderful companions for someone, maybe it's you

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