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Arden Moore
America's Pet Edu-Tainer
Pet expert and best-selling author

Inside the World of the Olate Dogs –
Winners of America’s Got Talent

Nicholas Olate  on Pet Life Radio.......

Nicholas Olate


The Olate dogs, all rescues, bow-wow audiences all over America by performing back flips, doing K9 Congo lines, steering mini cars on stage and much more. In this special episode, Oh Behave host Arden Moore chats with Nicholas Olate – while he is driving a tour bus from Elkhart, Ind. To Cleveland, Ohio! Nicholas, and his father, Richard and their dozen or so happy, talented dogs are crisscrossing the country to unleash a canine choreographed show that earns paws and applause. Learn what life is like off stage, the training secret that motivates these dogs to perform amazing tricks and how they got their start.  Tune in today!

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    Nicholas Olate has been performing with his father since the age of 6.  He grew up with many dogs in the house and started early learning how to care for these beautiful animals.  As Nick got older he was given more responsibilities and he is now Richard’s right hand man in everything dogs.  Nicholas has also developed into a great performer and compliments Richard’s dynamic personality beautifully on the stage.  The Olate Dog act is a beautifully choreographed routine that is both exciting and unique.


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