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Oh Behave Show Gets Catty With the Creators of the Hot New Cat Simulator Game called Catlateral Damage

Eitan Glinert on Pet Life Radio....... Catlateral Damage on Pet Life Radio

Eitan Glinert


Frustrated by your feline always swatting and batting objects off counters, table tops and other places? Trade that frustration for fun by playing the new computer game called Catlateral Damage. Eitan Glinert, part of the team of designers for this game, shares what life is like as a game designer, cat lover and former MIT biotech major with Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore. Arden gave the game a try and rates it meow-va-lous! A purr-fect escape from daily work pressures. Try it and you’ll agree.

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Eitan Glinert is the founder of the Boston indie studio Fire Hose Games. Awesome! He's spent the last decade making video games, including Immune Attack, AudiOdyssey, Slam Bolt Scrappers, Go Home Dinosaurs, and Let's Quip. He also helped Harmonix and Twisted Pixel with the development of Dance Central, Rock Band Blitz, and Ms. Splosion Man PC. Eitan's latest title is Catlateral Damage (coming out May 27th!), a game where you're a cat on a rampage and get to knock objects over with your cat paws, and he would appreciate it very much if you all bought it since he could really use the cash. Eitan plays ice hockey religiously and thinks Lemmings is the best game ever made.

Catlateral Damage

Catlateral Damage on Steam




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