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Diane West
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A Journey of 2000-Plus Miles:
Luke Robinson and “His Boys”

Luke Robinson   on Pet Life Radio.....

..Luke Robinson..................................

While New York may be the greatest city in the world, many Texans will tell you their state is the biggest in the USA: both in size (save for Alaska) and in heart. One special Texas trio ‘Pets In the City’ met with on a recent cold winter’s day might just prove the boast. Luke Robinson, a big man with two big dogs, set out from Austin, Texas several months ago on foot with one goal in mind—to walk all the way to Boston in the name of bringing attention to canine cancer research. And boy howdy, have they succeeded. We caught up with Luke and his two beautiful Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, Hudson and Murphy, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to talk more about their unusual pilgramage and the special dog who started it all. Along their 2,000-plus mile journey, Robinson collected an eclectic backpack full of snapshots of small and big-town life. (Think Garrison Keillor’s Prarie Home Companion in the age of Twitter.) Listen in as we caught up with Luke and ‘the boys’ to talk about where they came from, where they’ve been, and what they hope their journey will accomplish. 

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Luke Robinson on the GW Bridge in NYC

In NYC During Canine Cancer Pilgramage

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