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Pet Horoscopes for the week of October 14, 2007

In this episode... Lucky runs down the week's pet horoscopes for the week of October 14, 2007



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Hi everybody!  Welcome to Lucky’s Stars!  I’m your host, earth, fire, water and airdale, Lucky!  Each week I’ll use my mystical knowledge of the universe and tell you pets… and your owners what the week has in store for you! 

Well last time if you remember, I was trying to decide what Halloween costume I should wear this year.  I’m going for a TV theme this year, and although one of the desperate housepets seemed appealing, I decided to go as 24’s Jack Bow-wower!  So I’ve been practicing my lines for trick or treating….hmmmm…. “tell me where the bone is!!!”  Not bad, huh?

Okay, while I go check out to see if there’s a fire hydrant in front of CTU, we’re going to take a short break for sponsor, promos and stuff, and we’ll be right back with this week’s pet horoscopes.

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Welcome back to Lucky’s Stars!  I’m Lucky, and here are this week’s pet horoscopes:

The first one is Aries… now that’s for those of you born March 21 to April 19… You have to put up with humans who rub you the wrong way, but when they rub your owner the wrong way, it's time to take action. A little growling and snarling is okay, but never bite.  People tend not to like that!  Be honest with a certain visitor: they are not welcome, and won't be made comfortable. Give ‘em some looks, a growl here and there, and maybe they’ll get up and leave.

Next is Taurus for those of you born April 20 to May 20.  Your owner can charm the birds out of the trees, but they can't charm their way out of this mess. It's a financial issue dontcha know, and it won't pay off. The leash works both ways, so drag them away.  You may have to pull for a few minutes, but they’ll give in and follow you, and you’ll know you did your good deed for the day!

Moving right along…. Next is Gemini for those of you with birthdays May 21-June 21.  You and your owner could be partners in action, or you and another dog could be partners in crime. The outcome is up to your owner: either you get plenty of walks with them, or you take things into your own paws.

Next up is Cancer… that’s June 22-July 22.  The key to things going really well or really badly is balance. Your owner hasn't learned that yet, but you're still acting as the ballast. They may think you're more like an anchor or a ball and chain right now, but they're wrong.  Just stay around… put a smile on your face… a little tongue hanging out always works.  They’ll think you’re so cute they’ll want you hanging around not knowing that you’re really there for them!

Leo is next on our list… for those of you born July 23-August 22.  Your owner prefers traveling to spending time with you when they take a vacation, but things can change. Do your best to show them just how refreshing quality time together can be.  Try dragging out that travel magazine you’ve been hiding under the couch, and show them that there are plenty of pet friendly hotels they can take you to!  Put on some sunglasses… that will let them know that you want to go too!

Okay, now let’s check on you Virgos.  That’s August 23-September 22.  You want to rush ahead, but the leash is giving you an important message: forget it. If your owner won't ease up, you'll have to slip your collar, but it will be your responsibility to make it back to the doghouse.  Don’t forget… there will be a chase!  You’ll win it of course, but it’s not going to be too pleasant when they catch up with  you!  You could forget about that treat your mouth has been watering for, but maybe if you snuggle up to them on the couch, they’ll forget all about your escape!

Alright, we’ve just checked out half of this week’s pet horoscopes, so it’s time to take a little break.  You guys are gonna listen to a few messages, and I’m gonna get myself a few snacks!  Be right back!

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Welcome back to Lucky’s Stars!  I’m Lucky, your host with more of this week’s pet horoscopes.

Libra… for those of you born September 23-October 22.  Begging just isn't doing the trick anymore. If you don't want to work for food, explore new ways to communicate what you want. Go ahead, be expressive.  Have you ever tried singing to the radio!  They’ll think you’re really cute and give you a treat… maybe just to shut you up, but hey, whatever works!

Next is Scorpio… October 23 - November 21.  Someone can be persuasive today -- that is, the steak they have can be. But trust your gut on this one; don't be lured into a trap just to fill your belly.  You may get that steak… but you also may get a bath!  If you think you can handle the bath, then go ahead eat that steak!

Moving right along, the next horoscope for the week is Sagittarius… that’s November 22-December 21.  Your human's new friend is a happy-go-lucky, jovial type. You sense something else under the surface, though. If it makes you uneasy, be sure to communicate this to your owner as forcefully as possible.  You’re pretty good at judging character by now, so if you’re getting the feeling that there’s some ulterior motive beneath that smile, well, you may be right.

Next on the zodiac is Capricorn for those of you born December 22-January 19.  It's not too idealistic to imagine your owner a huge success, if only they put some discipline and structure into their big plans. Taking you out on a regular schedule is one step towards learning to keep their commitments.  If you think they’re getting lazy, grab your leash and bring it over to them.  Indicate that you want to go out.  If they don’t cooperate you may have to leave them a little present so next time they’ll remember! Heh heh

Okay, next up is Aquarius.  Remember that song?  Nah, I guess you guys are too young.  I’m showing my age now!  For pets born January 20-February 18, this one’s for you!  Some good connections will be made, for you and your owner both. They could find themselves a new member of a club or social group, and you will finally break into that coveted spot in your neighborhood pack.  If you’re really lucky, your owner may become friends with the people who own the local pet shop!  There could be a truckload of snacks and treats in your future!

Well, now we come to the last pet horoscope for the week.  That’s for you guys born under the sign of Pisces… February 19-March 20.  It's hard to think before barking, but it would behoove you to do so today, Pisces. That domineering human could be your owner's boss. Aha, no wonder they're acting so bossy!  But check it out first, do a little sniffing around.  Maybe it’s just some pesky salesman, and some loud barks will scare him away!

Okay, that wraps up this week’s pet horoscopes.  If any of you out there have any comments or questions, or just want to say hi to the old Luckster, you can email me at:  That’s, and I’ll either answer your question by email or on one of my future shows.

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So until next time, this is me, Lucky saying… keep looking up at the stars, but watch where you’re walking… you may step in something!  I’m Lucky, and I’m out!


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