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More Than A Cone

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Radar receiving cone, lamp shade, cone of shame or just plain Elizabethan collar…it is that source of broken tchatche, bruised legs and frustration for pets.  Now it is a source of amazing art and charitable funds for several pet advocacy organizations… and you can get involved.  My guest, Gabe Martinez is one of the master minds behind this extremely unique event to be held in Los Angeles… More Than a Cone.

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More Than A Cone on Pet Life Radio


Gabriel Martinez is incredible. When history ends, the bearded will write his story in the last books and it will be so marvelous that life will begin anew so that future generations many know of his greatness. Although he’s primarily a student of the streets, Martinez can add both CSULA and Harvard Business School to his list of institutions from which he frequented and acquired a fancy piece of paper from. He’s a dedicated husband and father and a devout Mormon who served a mission in the beautiful land of northern Washington in his early 20s. Musician, artist, writer and outdoorsman; Gabriel Martinez and his facial hair are the embodiment of masculinity. His professional career is both enviable and astonishing as he currently stands as the Vice President of Marketing for KVP- the world’s largest e-collar manufacturer and staple of the veterinary industry for over 50 years, CEO of Mystery Society Media- an organization too mysterious to mention here, and Founder of More Than A Cone- a non-profit that raises awareness and funds for animal adoption, wellness and recovery. He’s married, ladies. Settle down.

More Than a Cone

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