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Translational Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Repac on Pet Life Radio........

..Dr. Jennifer Repac............................


If you have listened to the Pet Doctor in the past, you may have heard an interview regarding how advances in veterinary medicine can translate into addressing the same ills for people and vice versa. Today I am going to be more literal…an American born and trained veterinarian who moved to China to work and live.  My guest is Dr. Jennifer Repac. We will start what should be a fascinating conversation of a stranger in a unique land.

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A California native, Dr. Jennifer Repac received a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California Berkeley in Molecular Environmental Biology. She continued her studies at the University of California Davis and received a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. A graduate of the Chi Institute in Florida with a degree in veterinary acupuncture, Dr. Repac is currently completing a degree in veterinary herbology. Before moving to China, she had been working for a small animal practice in New York City as well as working per diem for New York City Animal Care and Control.

Dr. Repac has spent the last 18 months overseeing international standards and quality of care at the International Center for Veterinary Services in Bejiing, China and supervising the hospital's preventative healthcare programs for companion animals.

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