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Bob interviews animal communicator Kate Sitka, who lives in Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Kate talks about discovering and developing her abilities to make a psychic link with both wild and domesticated animals – though another form of animal communication is simply becoming more sensitive to your pet’s needs. She describes a chicken’s psychedelic view of the world, what it’s like to be a whale, and how her cat loves to tattle on her dog. She also has suggestions for improving Bob’s relationship with his pet ducks and geese. Visit Kate’s website at for info about her blog and podcasts, or to arrange a phone consultation.

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Here’s a brief “get to know ya” autobiography.

I started this blog in late 2011, just as I began to “come out” as psychic to my friends and family. Prior to 2011, I was an avid student of animal communication, and all of my work was with animals. All of my clients were word-of-mouth referrals. I was kind of in the closet in my own town about being an animal communicator, and I was just getting brave enough to talk to “people spirits”.

This blog basically follows my life. For a good two years this blog was focused upon my own intuitive development, the interesting dead people I and my partner spoke with. You can read all about it by sifting through the categories or going through chronologically using the archive menu.

In March 2013, I started guest blogging for Elisa Medhus, creator of and author of “My Son and the Afterlife” I am honoured to work with Elisa and her son Erik to channel some of these conversations on an ongoing basis. To read all of my channeling erik contributions, select “Channeling Erik Guest Posts” from the category menu on the right side bar.

In August 2013, I decided to shift gears on this personal blog a bit in order to pursue another dream of mine: writing a book. I worked on this for nearly six months, and you can find it by selecting “Book in Progress” from the category drop-down menu.

In January 2014, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, and that shifted my focus away from the book, which I do intend to come back to, (after all, what writer doesn’t have a novel in the works?)

Right now, my focus is on my family, and visiting them as often as possible.

By this time I was fortunate enough to have made many, many blog friends who are kind, supportive, chatty and generally pretty damn psychic themselves. Sometimes the best content in this blog is in the comments, so don’t skip over them! You readers make me feel so grateful and lucky, because it’s your engagement and feedback that keeps this little project going!

So there you have it! I work part time in the local hospital. I work part time doing animal communication and spirit readings.

I write almost as much as I breathe, so blogging seems like a good choice!

Thank you for reading my happy little blog.

~ Kate Sitka

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