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Bob Tarte
Exotic Pet Expert & Author

Linda Tarte

Bird Rehab

Check with your local wildlife rehabber, and you might get a chance to help raise and release orphan Starlings, House Sparrows, and Pigeons. You donít need a permit to work with these species, and itís a great way to get to know birds up close and learn about their habits and personalities. (You might need earplugs when you feed those starling babies!)

Bob and Linda are sub-permitted to work with songbirds under the Wildlife Rehab Center in Grand Rapids. Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. is an independent, nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to offering the West Michigan area a reliable, high-quality resource for the rehabilitation of orphaned, abandoned, injured, or incapacitated wildlife. Licensed by both the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, The Wildlife Rehab Center works to provide a swift and humane return of wounded animals and migratory birds to their natural habitat.

Peg and Roger Markle founded the Center and perform 99-percent of the day-to-day care of orphaned, ill, and injured animals. In a typical year, 1,200-1,500 of these animals pass through the Center. Please help the Wildlife Rehab Center continue its much needed work by donating money for food, medical supplies, housing, cleaning supplies, and more. Credit card and PayPal donations are gratefully accepted.


Bob Tarte with woodpecker..........Green Heron


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