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Travel Tails on PetLifeRadio.comJanine Franceschi

Janine Franceschi
Pet Travel Expert
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Alpha Dog Public Relations Talks With Travel Tails

Susan Hartzler

Susan Hartzler

Listen as Janine talks with Susan Hartzler president and owner of Alpha Dog PR, a public relations firm based in Los Angeles, CA that represents many pet-related and travel industry related clients.

Susans dogs; Baldwin & Bliss have traveled all over the world.  One trip had them acting as ambassadors for the World Dog Games in Mexico City because of their agility champion titles and because not only are they agile and athletic, they are also therapy dogs who work with children.  This combination made them the perfect ambassadors and they've got storeis to tell!  Particularly, they weren't crazy about the conveyor belt ride at the airport!  Tune in to hear all about their adventures!

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