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Grieving the Loss of a Service Dog

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Yep, it’s time that we talk about that dreaded subject and ask ourselves, 'How do we survive the loss of our incredible service dogs?' Who better to join us to talk about this difficult subject than Bob Vogel, journalist, photographer and senior correspondent for New Mobility (NM) magazine. Bob talks openly about the loss of his incredible service dog, Schatzie, and his article, “Grieving the Loss of a Service Dog," appearing in the November 2014 issue of NM.  Access it for free at and listen to the show to hear more about this sensitive topic from Bob and Marcie!

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Bob Vogel, 51, from Loomis, California is a journalist, adventure sports enthusiast and public speaker. He is the senior correspondent for New Mobility magazine, a national publication that covers all aspects of the lives of active wheelchair users from travel, sports & recreation, to employment, health, & relationships.

Bob is in his 26th year as a wheelchair user— a former professional skier and movie stuntman, Bob became a paraplegic in a skiing accident in 1985. He has continued his passion for adventure sports, and writes about his adventures including hang gliding at 20,000 feet, completing 400-mile arm-powered hand cycling tours of the Colorado Rocky Mountains,, scuba diving with manta rays, off-road hand cycling, sailing, sea kayaking and adventure racing.  The past ten years have revolved around his most challenging and rewarding adventure being a great dad to his 10-year-old daughter Sarah.

Years of pushing a wheelchair were starting to take their toll on Bob’s shoulders.  In 1997 and he got his first service dog—Jaeger, a German Shepherd.  Bob found that having a service dog tow him around during daily activities helped his shoulders recover and keeps them healthy.

Bob’s current service dog is another German Shepherd names Schatzie. In addition to helping keep Bob’s shoulders healthy, picking up items for him, Schatzie helps provide K9 wisdom for Bob’s writing.

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