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Working Like Dogs on Pet Life RadioMarcie Davis, host of Working Like Dogs

Marcie Davis
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Its All in the Funny Papers!

Tom Batiuk on Pet Life Radio..........Tom Batiuk on Pet Life Radio

Tom Batiuk ..................... ...

Funky Winkerbean on Pet Life Radio


Comic strip creator, Tom Batiuk, stops by to visit with Marcie and Whistle about his career as a nationally syndicated comic strip writer and the creator of Funky Winkerbean. He also talks in depth about his character Wally, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, who returns home with post traumatic stress disorder. Through the coaxing of his girlfriend, Rachel, Wally embarks on a journey to receive a service dog named Buddy that changes his life. Batiuk sheds some light on the inspiration for his creations, his collaboration with Puppies Behind Bars, and his belief that America’s funny pages should reflect what’s happening in the world.

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