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Diabetic Alert Dogs .............

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Rita Martinez ........................ ...Sue Barns


Learn all about these tenacious little tattletales from renowned dog trainers and diabetic alert dog experts, Rita Martinez and Sue Barns, Ph.D. Rita and Sue talk with Marcie and Whistle about their experiences training diabetic alert dogs and all the valuable information contained within their groundbreaking new book, Training Your Diabetic Alert Dog. This book is a fascinating how-to guide and resource for anyone interested in training a dog to alert to changes in blood glucose levels.

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Rita Martinez, CPDT-KA Over 30 years’ experience training dogs in obedience, hunting, search and rescue (tracking, air scent, human remains and water), Co-founder of two non-profit organizations involving specialized human remains detection dogs, Trainer/Owner of Clickin’ Canines, LLC. The business works with dog/handler teams incorporating hearing, assistance and medical alert dogs, Frequent speaker with trainer groups and other service dog organizations wishing to become proficient with the training of diabetic alert dogs for placement.

Sue Barns, Ph.D. Service dog trainer for Assistance Dogs of the West (Santa Fe, NM), Diabetic Alert Dog program founder, Over 20 years’ experience training dogs for search and rescue (tracking, air scent and human remains), obedience, hunting, therapy, and assistance work. Training Director for obedience, hunting retriever, and search and rescue groups Instructor for public dog training classes, search and rescue seminars and assistance dog training classes for students and clients, Research scientist and assistant professor (Biology; retired).

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