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Hero Dogs of 9/11 .............

Hero Dogs of 9/11 on Pet Life Radio..........

Hero Dogs of 9/11 ........................ ...


Join Marcie and Whistle as they welcome the Director and Co-Director of the new documentary Hero Dogs of 9/11 (Tanya Kelen and Kenn Bell) premiering on Animal Planet, September 10 at 8pm EST/PT, and three individuals (Michael Hingson, Gerald Lauber and Nancy Brooks) featured in this breathtaking documentary. These guests talk candidly about their riveting experiences on 9/11 and how their selfless working dogs saved their lives and the lives of countless others. Hear how these survivors describe their dogs as their unwavering best friends and protectors!

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For the first time, this documentary reveals the unknown true stories of survivors and the working dogs who saved lives at Ground Zero during the September 11, 2001 crisis and aftermath. More than three hundred dogs were part of the rescue and recovery operation, going where it was impossible for humans to follow. The occasional dog collapsed from exhaustion but none of them gave up. Most of these four-legged heroes are now retired but they leave behind a story that must be told. Blind office worker Michael Hingson had to trust his seeing-eye dog Roselle on a treacherous descent of 78 flights of stairs to escape only moments before the towers collapsed. Lt. David Lim of the NY Port Authority Police was called to duty with his explosive detector dog Sirius. Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last remaining survivor of 9/11, was pinned under the rubble for 27 hours after the buildings collapsed before being found by recovery dogs.

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