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How Dogs Changed the Course of History!

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Historian, author and dog lover, Kate Kelly visits with Marcie and Whistle about some of her favorite current and historic working dogs. Kate will amaze you as she shares stories about some of America and the world’s most memorable events and the dogs that were present. You’ll be astonished to hear about the first dog used to take a message across a battlefield and the dogs that were on board the Titanic! Kate is a treasure trove of historical canine information!

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Kate Kelly is a renowned historian, author and lecturer whose books, articles and speeches celebrate the American cultural experience.  With an emphasis on American presidential elections, Kelly also shares classic and untold stories of American history, culture, and people through the decades, bringing a fresh and informative perspective and a renewed relevance of history to baby boomers, history lovers, and pop culture enthusiasts across America.  A contributor to the “Politics” section of The Huffington Post, Ms. Kelly is a veteran of both local and national talk and news programs, including “Good Morning America” and “The Early Show.”  Ms. Kelly is also the successful author of over 30 books, ranging from the bestselling title Organize Yourself! to Living Safe in an Unsafe World.

Kelly is also a published author of history and science texts, including Election Day: An American Holiday; An American History; and That’s Not in My Science Book.  A graduate of Smith College, Ms. Kelly has recently served on the board of trustees for The Westchester (New York) County Historical Society and the Larchmont Historical Society. She is also on the board of the Friends of Smith College Libraries.

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