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Greg Gordon, the owner of Dog Patch Pet and Feed a pet store that sold commercially bred puppies, and the Cari Meyers founder of The Puppy Mill Project an anti puppy mill organization stopped yelling at each other and learned they had something in common.

Now Dog Patch Pet is a humane pet store proudly stating on the home page of its website “We are a new type of pet store that matches rescues with forever home.” In this episode of Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates Gordon discusses how he made the change and why the model works for him. This is a must hear episode for those who are against the sale of commercially bred puppies by pet stores, and pet store owners who are looking for a new business model that gains them lauds instead of criticism and demonstrations.

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    Greg Gordon is the owner of Dog Patch Pet and Feed. He prides himself on being a trend setter in the very competitive Chicago pet scene and is an outspoken advocate of animal rescue which makes him an anomaly among those proprietors of pet stores that offer puppies and dogs. He has been featured in Pet Age and Pet Business Magazine for his business practices and is on the Board of Governors of Nexpet. Greg has spoken as two national pet industry conventions on the topic of Rescue as a viable business model.

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