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Robert Misseri, President of Guardians of Rescue, is always ready to help the next animal in need.   He is the President and founder of the non-profit group called Guardians of Rescue, an organization based in New York, whose mission is to protect the well-being of all animals by providing aid to animals in distress.  His compassion and life long commitment to helping these animals in need provided the basis in creating People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People by facilitating fostering programs, rehabilitation, assisting other rescue groups, and providing support to both military and civilian families in need due to economic factors, deployment or other issues.

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Robert  Misseri grew up in Brooklyn, New York where boys were not angles and were more interested in hurting animals than saving them, but he was cut from another cloth when it came to his love of animals. He started out by rescuing alley cats and hiding the animals from local gangs so they wouldn’t be hurt, often putting his own life in danger while protecting the life of an innocent animal.  As an adult, he moved to Long Island, New York, and discovered that there was an even greater need.  He knew that there were more women in the field of rescue than men and he wanted to make it his mission to change that and bring more men into the world of animal protection and welfare. 

PHOTO:   Robert Misseri with fighting dog he rescued. Note the large and heavy chain that was used to tether the poor dog.

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