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Veterinarian Finds Way to Help Fund
Animal Shelters and Rescues

Dr. Glenn Buckley  on Pet Life Radio........

Dr. Glenn Buckley ..................................


As a veterinarian Dr. Glenn Buckley was able to help one pet at a time. He wanted to do more. Through Pet Rescue Rx he  can now help so many more pet. Hear how his company Pet Rescue Rx will provide continuing financial support to shelters from the purchases made;. 100% of the net profits will be given to shelters selected by customers so they can directly support the shelter or rescue of their choice.

It is becoming a widespread problem that costs for pet care have risen considerably. The cost for caring for a dog have increased 15 percent to $1,649 a year Most people do not understand how important a regular vet visit is to the pet's long term care.  In addition to discussing Pet Rescue Rx, Dr. Buckley also provides the following answers to these questions:

  • Why is regular visits to your vet so important?
  • *How to avoid a trip to the vet ER?
  • *What ways can you help your pet from becoming sick?
  • *How can you save money on pet healthcare and medications?
  • *What makes your organization different from other online pet pharmacies?

 If you love pets, have pets, and want to find out how you can help your favorite shelter or rescue this is an episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates you must hear!

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Dr. Glenn Buckley is CEO and founder of Pet Rescue Rx, a unique online pet pharmacy. Dr. Buckley loved animals from his earliest days growing up in Akron, NY which is located near Buffalo, NY in Erie County. He earned his degree in Veterinary Medicine from Louisiana State University. He has served on the front line as an emergency veterinarian for more than 15 years.

Dr. Buckley has also volunteered at animal shelters. There he saw first-hand how hard staff and volunteered worked. Searching for a way to use his veterinarian experience and a means to help shelters and rescues Dr. Buckley developed the unique concept of Pet Rescue Rx which is an online pet pharmacy. What makes Dr. Buckley’s idea unique is that Pet Rewards Rx is the only online pet pharmacy that donates its profits to non-profit animal shelters and rescues.

Dr. Buckley has modeled his company so the purchaser of pet medications can designate which animal shelter or rescue the donation should receive the donation.  The start-up of Pet Rescue Rx was the fulfillment of Dr. Buckley’s dream of doing more for animal shelters and rescues.


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