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Safe Humane Chicago

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Learn how a math consultant made the switch that led to the formation of Safe Humane Chicago. Safe Humane is a unique organization that is based  on a principle that a humane community is safer. Safe Humane Chicago  is an innovative organization that was founded to make communities safer by reducing violence for children and companion animals.  Its  focus on education, advocacy, and second chances for at-risk youth and animals continues to make a difference.

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Cynthia Bathurst serves as the Board Chair and Executive Director for Safe Humane Chicago. She co-founded D.A.W.G. (Dog Advisory Work Group) in 2000 and Safe Humane Chicago in 2007. During a 25-year-long career in mathematics consulting, she was led to community policing and organizing, prompted by crime and violence in Chicago communities. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Alabama and a Ph.D. through the English Department at The University of Iowa. Cynthia’s vision has led Safe Humane Chicago to where it is today, and she has joined with others to build an extensive alliance of partners, all working toward creating safe and humane communities. Cynthia also serves an advisor on the National Canine Research Council and is a member of Chicago’s Commission on Animal Care and Control and the City of Chicago’s City Clerk’s Dog Owner Task Force. Cynthia considers herself the special guardian of every dog or cat who is a Safe Humane Ambassador and from the Court Case Animals Program.

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