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Daisy to the Rescue

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In this episode of Awesome Animal Advocates you will learn how you can win a free portrait of your pet by Ramsey Beyer, the illustrator for the newly released book Daisy to the Rescue. You will also learn that animals are not only our companions, in many cases, true lifesavers as Jeff Campbell, author of Daisy to the Rescue, shares some of the  amazing and true stories in Daisy to the Rescue.

Hear Jeff tell how wild African Lions saved and protected a kidnapped girl, how Daisy the dog used what her human taught her to save her human’s life and life and more.   As you listen to Jeff you will soon understand why his book is more than a compilation of 50 stories and  why readers will be stimulated to find their own answers to the questions about animal intelligence.

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Jeff Campbell has been editing and writing  for over twenty years. His specialty is working on projects that explore animal intelligence and emotions. He has done much work with Dr. Marck Bekoff, who was awarded the Exemplar Award from the Animal Behavior Society. Jeff’s blend of  experience as a writer, editor, and working with notables such as Dr. Bekoff provides Jeff a unique perspective in writing Daisy to the Rescue; One which readers will find interesting and informative.  He is also a writer for Lonely Planet, and coauthored guidebooks on Hawaii, Florida, the Southwest, and other US destinations. He lives in Northern New Jersey and also teaches creative writing to students in elementary school.

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