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Givebones, Their Message is Simple:
Buy a Collar Save a Dog

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Max A. Pooch..................................Tricia Andrews


Any animal lover who has thought about an idea to  help animal, but wonders how to execute her idea needs to  listen as Tricia Andrews, founder and president of Givebones shares her story.  Learn what  inspired Tricia to found her company that  donates ten percent of the proceeds of its sales to animal shelters and rescue organizations.  Learn how your shelter or rescue can partner with Givebones.  Tricia proves you don’t have to be a nationally known personality, or head of a large organization to make a difference for animals. That is why she is one of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates.  

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Inspired by the story of one very special dog named Bones, Tricia Andrews’ fused her love for dogs and passion for giving back to create Givebones, a charitable company
committed to giving homeless dogs the life they deserve.

While participating in a Giving Trip with TOMS in Central America, Tricia’s husband couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of homeless dogs he encountered. There was one dog in particular who at first sight sadly lived up to his name, Bones.

After reading “Start Something That Matters” written by her friend and “One for
One” business pioneer Blake Mycoskie, Tricia was eager to join the movement. In
June 2012, to honor the dog that inspired it all, she started selling dog collars to help
provide funding to animal shelters and rescue groups – and Givebones was born.
By selling dog collars, Givebones generates awareness and financial support in an
effort to reduce the amount of homeless dogs being euthanized every year. For
every collar sold, Givebones gives back 10% of sales to shelters and rescue groups
dedicated to giving every dog the life they deserve.

Andrews was born and raised in Minot, ND and graduated from the University of
Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management with a B.S. in Marketing and Advertising
in 2001. Prior to founding Givebones, Andrews led a successful career as an account
executive for 10 years in national TV advertising sales working with accounts such as
Turner Sports, FOX Sports/Big Ten Network, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim and
Turner Entertainment Group.

Andrews currently lives in Manhattan Beach, CA with her husband Blake and their dog Sadie

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