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Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

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This episode focuses on the unique bond between dogs and humans and how this bond is forged by groups such as Smoky Mountain Service Dogs Organization to a wonderful and symbiotic relationship between dogs and the veterans they assist.

Smoky Mountain Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to: "Enhance the Physical and Psychological Quality of Life for Veterans with Disabilities by Providing Custom Trained Mobility Assistance Service Dogs.

Mike Kitchens describes the careful selection of puppies and the raising of them, how these future SMSDs are socialized and trained to become vital companions to the disabled veterans with whom they will live.   Learn how disabled veterans can apply and qualify for a SMSD, how much it costs to train a dog. There is a ceremony that occurs called the passing of the leash that occurs when a new SMSD human veteran and service dog team become a team.

Learn how Smoky Mountain Service Dogs are making far more differences in the lives of their disabled veterans than imagined and why these dogs live to love to help their veterans.

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Mike Kitchens on Pet Life Radio

Smoky Mountain Service Dog Chairman/Spokesperson Mike Kitchens (shown with US Army Veteran Kevin Jankoski and his SMSD “Blitz”)  resides in Tellico Village, Loudon TN and he has served on numerous boards, including Texas State Industrial Accident Board, Corpus Christi Drug Abuse Council. Mike is a Vietnam Era Veteran, having served in the US Army and is retired  from DuPont Company where he held Senior Management positions in Sales, Marketing, and Human Resource.  The combination of loving animals and the desire to serve are the common traits that draw the all volunteer SMSD staff together in an effort to help provide veterans with the dogs that improve the quality of life of veterans.


Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

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